10 Lessons Bottoming Teaches You About Life

10 Lessons Bottoming Teaches You About Life

There are some things in life that become crystal clear only when you’ve had a dick in your butt. Excuse my bluntness, but as Monique Heart likes to say, “Facts are facts.”

So here are 10 life lessons you learn about yourself from bottoming.


1. Practice makes perfect

Think about the first time you bottomed. Now think about the last time. How much better are you at it? How much more comfortable are you in your own body?


2. No matter how hard you try not to, you sometimes shit the bed

In life, you can do your best to prepare for something, but sometimes, you just fail. Just like with anal. You can prepare and clean out all you want, but at least once in your lifetime, you’re going to shit the bed (literally).


3. You can find pleasure and joy in the most unexpected of places

Think about it. Inside your own ass, you can find pleasure. Who would have thought that there’s a little almond-size gland up there that can make you feel so good?


4. Communication is everything

Slow down. Speed up. Stop for a second. More lube. Harder. No, seriously, a lot harder.

You need to communicate during sex, otherwise it just won’t be good for you both. (Or rather, it would be even better if y’all communicated.) That’s just like in every other aspect of life. Communication is always key.


5. You often need to work through the pain

Whether it’s in regard to your physical or emotional health, you often need to work through the pain. Similarly, with anal, you need to work through that initial pain. But once you do, boy, is it worth it.


6. There’s nothing “too big” you can’t overcome

Has a guy ever pulled out, and you think to yourself, “Holy shit, how the hell was that inside of me? Where did it all go?” In my everyday life, when I encounter an obstacle I think is “too big” to overcome, I think about that baby’s arm that was inside me, and then remember that there’s literally nothing too big I can’t handle.


7. Less is more

You don’t always need to go above and beyond every time you engage in an activity. Sometimes, the simplest things are best. I guess another way to put it would be, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


8. But sometimes, more is more

But then again, sometimes you need to go buck-wild. Bring out the paddles, leather, and safe-words. Sometimes doing more is just that. And it feels damn good!


9. You can stop whatever you’re doing no matter what

During sex, you can stop no matter what is going on. Just like in life, if you don’t like what you’re doing with work or your career, you can stop. You can change paths. While it sometimes takes a little bit of planning, you can always stop what you’re doing at any point in your life and continue with something else.


10. There’s more to life than sex…but don’t sell sex short either

There’s more to life than sex. We’ve heard that time and time again. But at the same time, don’t sell sex short either. Sex is a powerful bonding tool, feels good, and is downright fun!

[This was originally published on Pride]

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  1. Mandy
    June 21, 06:34 Reply

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This is hilarious af! And so true. May we get the life lessons for the Tops please

    June 21, 21:49 Reply

    This was real good. Actual valuable life (and sex) lessons. Very inspiring too. Thanks alot

  3. Kalinda
    June 21, 23:42 Reply

    Number 1 & 6 is all I see!!!#Lifelessons✌️😁

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