Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that it’s all Bantz. It is not to be taken seriously o!

1. When you first meet him

meme 1

Yes! I see husband Material, let me goan price it!

2. Then he finally asks you outmeme 2


3. Then you show him off to your friendsmeme 3

That’s right, girls! That’s him! I’ll be taking just a few questions on how I landed him!

4. You make sure all your friends are jealousmeme 4

Am I glowing? That’s what love can do!

5. First time you are out and he says “tone down the gayness”meme 5

You need recalibration!

6. Then he introduces his girlfriend to youmeme 6


7. He tells his girlfriend you are his cousinmeme 7

Is that so? ! I wasn’t your cousin last night when you were moaning my name o!

8. He hits on another girl while y’all are togethermeme 8

*Dials Funeral Home*

9. He tells you to get a girlfriend as well, so that you can blend inmeme 9

*Stares at his stupidity*

10. You run into his girlfriend at the mall:meme 10

She’s not even that fine sef. Mtchew!

11. Meanwhile he tells you that you cannot date other guysmeme 11

See this weyrey…

12. He asks you to delete Grindr and yet he keeps Tinder.meme 12

Oya na, talk another nonsense, since that’s the game we are playing.

13. You finally decide you have had enough and dump him.meme 13

Abracadabra and get the fuck out!

Created by Dennis Macaulay and Deola

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