DISCLAIMER: The following is not to be taken seriously. Things have obviously been exaggerated for comical effect. IT IS ALL BANTZ. We will not be held responsible for whatever offense you take if you carry on reading. J

  1. Us, when we see an article that remotely mentions MGMs and we wait for Ambivalentone, Chuck and Max to show up:20160724_161534
  1. KDians and “Where Can I Kiss You?”images %283%29                                                                                One and the same
  1. Us, after all of Chuck’s big oyibo, and then he dropped his debut article:IMG_20160824_092001                                                                             Edakun Shoro Niyen?
  1. KDians when we saw an Alpha Papi comment20160628_152947                                                                                 Evil Creature!!!!
  1. When Alpha Papi finally “left”20161002_102159                                                                              A thing of celebration!!!!
  1. Only to be replaced by Chizzieface-baby-judge                                                                        WHYYYYYY!!!!
  1. When you leave a KD post with 10 comments in the morning and come back and meet 150:20160705_232109
  1. But then you can’t carry last, so you get the comment reading package ready:20161002_101244
  1. Lord, when he always found a way to work the size of his banana into a comment:IMG_20160628_145100                                                 With God all things are possible
  1. Gad, when it’d been 5 minutes and he hadn’t preached the “good word yet”:images %285%29
  1. In the early days, Dennis Macaulay breathes, and the DM fan boys:1106
  1. Macaulay whenever she smelt them hoes coming for her man:20160811_002532                                                                                 As per ready to roast
  1. Dennis Macaulay fans when Mrs. Macaulay finally park comot:20160705_221830                                                                                       YASSSSSSSSSSS!!!
  1. Only to hear that another Mrs. Macaulay has moved in:IMG-20161002-WA0000                                                               Biko Where did this one come from?
  1. Mandy, when a new KD post drops:ezgif.com-video-to-gif                                                                              Must be first to comment!!!
  1. Us, when Truth says he isn’t Max:images
  1. Us, when Teflondon manages to make a comment without mentioning how “rich” he is:Raven_wow_clap_p2p257                                                                                    Wow. A miracle!
  1. Flashback to the glory days of the Lipstick Gang vs. Teflondon themviola-davis                                                                 Because the comments were always lit AF
  1. Headline: *Orlando Bloom nudes leaked*, and KD Power Bottoms, The Size Queen Division be like:penis-e1468410555735                                      5 inch Banana is not worthy of being mistaken for Plantain please!!


  1. When you see a Masked Man article and you know things are about to get nasty and dirty:20160705_231741                                                                                MMMHmmmmmmmm!
  1. Me patiently waiting for my personal Melania Trump to lift this article:waiting-lisa
  1. When you see a Dimkpa/Absalom comment or article and prepare to have your wig snatched:Beyonce_Ivy_Park_yjuj1o
  1. Me forever watching y’alls drama like: IMG_20160828_201523                                                                                 Keep it coming please!

Written/Created by Deola and Dennis Macaulay

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