I’m not racist or anything. The white guys just don’t do it for me sexually like the black brothers like Idris Elba and David McIntosh (eat your heart out, Pinky). However, they are a few white guys I wouldn’t mind bending the rules for.

  1. Channing TatumChanning Tatum 10Truth be told, I never really got the rave about Channing Tatum. Even after seeing the infamous “Magic Mick” movie, I still didn’t connect with him. Then a few days ago, I saw “22 Jump Street” and I totally fell in love with him. Maybe it had something to do with the way he defended gay people with his lines in the movie. Either way, he might just be the sexiest stripper alive.
  1. Zac Efron432069-zac-efronRight before our eyes, our “High School Musical” twink transformed into one of the sexiest men alive. The 27 year old “Neighbours” star holds his own down as one of the most desired men in the world. I spend almost every waking day of my life questioning the reason why Zac isn’t my boyfriend yet. My life though.
  1. Matt Bomermatt-bomerMatt stole my heart when appeared on the Glee episode “Big Brother” as Blaine’s older brother. The 37 year old “White Collar” star first publicly acknowledged that he was gay in 2012. He is married to Simon Halls and they have 3 sons together. He also stars in THAT “Magic Mike” movie.
  1. Ian Somerhalderian_somerhalder-1527870Ian has successfully sent millions of hearts around the globe racing with his charming portrayal of the Infamous Damon Salvatore on the CW hit series “The Vampire Diaries”. He definitely is the sexiest vampire to walk the supernatural world. Something about those eyes and oh! his sense of sarcasm.
  1. Joe ManganiellojmRight next to Ian, Joe Manganiello has to be the sexiest werewolf to grace the supernatural world. With a body sculpted by Zeus himself, the 37 year old “True Blood” star was named the Hottest Bachelor for 2014 by People Magazine. Did I forget to mention that he also stars in THAT “Magic Mike” movie? Now I can’t wait to see Magic Mike XXL come 2015.

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