Shoot me, I’m gay.

Hunt me down, I am an animal.

A bit queer is all I am but hey

That’s enough reason to make it a murder day.


Black and gay

I’m the perfect sport.

No need to wait for hunting season.

The chase has already begun.


What happened to the constitution?

What happened to fundamental human rights?

Oh my bad! It slipped my mind

I am not human. At least not to them.


“You’re not wanted and you’re barely tolerated!”

Okay, point understood. Let me blend into society.

I promise to walk only with my kind.

Oh no, I forget I have a contagious disease.

 I must be locked up in a place made for murderers.


I walk this life with my head down

My pride battered, my existence threatened,

My future predestined, my eternity damned.

Despised and rejected, all for a love I cannot control.


It’s Mother Nature’s fault

But I pay the toll

All I ask is leave me to go with flow

And live my life as nothing but the protagonist of the day

I need to stop crying because I’m gay

Please keep this hate to the bay.


How many more dead queers will we lay?

Written by iAmNotAPerv

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