Man Tries To Convince Girlfriend That “All Guys” Have Grindr On Their Phones

Man Tries To Convince Girlfriend That “All Guys” Have Grindr On Their Phones

In general, the “but all guys do it!” excuse should really be limited to waking up at full-alert or doing a double take when Beyoncé walks by.

It should not, under any circumstances, be an appropriate answer to the question: “Why do you have Grindr on your phone?”

Especially if the person asking that question happens to be the girlfriend of the guy being asked.

But such is the case for one justifiably confused young woman who recently confronted her “straight” boyfriend about why the little orange icon was tucked away in his phone.

She writes:

“So the other day I found out that my boyfriend of like four years had downloaded Grindr (shamefully I was looking through his phone). He didn’t have a profile or anything but I confronted him and he told me that he looked as a joke and that all guys look up weird stuff like this. He said it was “just to see what the app was like” but that he is not gay or curious in any way.

Is the whole ‘all guys look at it’ thing true, should I trust him, or should I try to talk to him more about it? Kind of freaking out and really confused.”

Naturally, many of those who responded to her question pointed out the almost-certain possibility that even if her boyfriend isn’t gay, there is a curiosity on his part that should be able to be expressed openly.

“A straight man isn’t going to go near that app,” LoveLiveLearn wrote. “He is curious at exploring his sexuality. He might have used it, he might not have, but he is curious.”

And one gay man offered this take from personal experience: “All the ‘straight’ guys I’ve met hanging out on Grindr have at the very least been willing to experience some form of love from a guy, regardless of the presence of a GF or even a wife. That I know of, none of my actual straight guy friends keep Grindr downloaded on their phone as a source of entertainment.”

Either way, we wouldn’t advise just “letting it go” and hoping for the best. Who knows, maybe the most amazing threesome of her life could be on the horizon, or it might just be time to embrace being single again.

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  1. Max
    October 07, 07:30 Reply

    Lol. I agree with the second to Last paragraph.

  2. Chic
    October 07, 08:08 Reply

    Yeup, definitely curious! …reminds me of me

    • Mandy
      October 07, 14:26 Reply

      Chic, I’m interested in your journey down curiosity lane. Care to enlighten us? 😀

      • Brian Collins
        October 07, 22:44 Reply

        Maxine someone else is doing the honors of whoring for stories for PP, when Keredim said ‘down boy’ i didn’t think you really laid down all your arms.

  3. pete
    October 07, 08:17 Reply

    Curiousity kills the cat

  4. Joseph
    October 07, 10:17 Reply

    ”The most amazing 3some of her life could be on d horizon”…lol….could be true sha.Lady pinky,your sense of imagination is so FANTASTIC.

  5. Sinnex
    October 07, 10:18 Reply

    Very funny.

    Some people are gullible. If I see Grindr in any guy’s phone, then I’d know for a fact that the guy is gay. No excuse whatsoever.

    For goodness sake, some gay guys don’t even know what Grindr is, not to talk of a supposedly straight guy.

    Since this did not happen in Nigeria, I am going to hold my peace.

  6. Tiercel de Claron
    October 07, 10:29 Reply

    He didn’t have any profile.How hard can it be to believe the guy is just curious,not exploring.

  7. Brian Collins
    October 08, 06:48 Reply

    I think the caption should have simply read ‘GUY LIES THROUGH HIS TEETH’

  8. Lothario
    October 08, 17:24 Reply

    The fact that he didn’t have a profile incriminate him even further, that clearly points at curiosity. He’s obviously had reservations about using the app and hasn’t opened a profile yet.

    If him and his friends used the app for laughs, there would have been a profile and friends to back up the story. So his story definitely doesn’t hold any water.

  9. KingBey
    October 09, 05:59 Reply

    Ndii ocha and their weird issues. Smh

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