Kito Diaries, in its short life, has aimed to create a platform for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in Nigeria to share our stories and chart a progressive course towards ensuring the recognition of our rights and dignities in this country.

As one might expect, in the course of these interactions, things can get heated around here, which is a welcome development—a sign that we are talking and sharing. There is often no conversation without conflict.

However, the admin of Kito Diaries wishes that the site remains a place to stimulate thought, foster humour and relationships, and advance important concerns of the Nigerian LGBT. Therefore, comments on this site are moderated; comments that do not abide by the comments policy will be instantly removed, and the commenter may be blocked from making future contributions to the site.

  1. Rules On The Identity And Privacy Of Members

Given the hostile environment towards the Nigerian LGBT, Kito Diaries has been designed to be an anonymous forum. Therefore:

a) all contributors and commenters are welcome to adopt pseudonyms while here.

b) impersonation of a KDian by another is prohibited.

c) outing of a KDian is forbidden.

d) personal information of members (addresses, occupations, medical information, social media details, phone numbers, etc) must never be shared on this site without express consent of the party concerned.

  1. Rules On Commenting

Daily, this site features posts on various subjects (health, movies, music, fiction, debate, news etc). Therefore:

a) as much as possible, comments should stay on topic and commenters are encouraged to refrain from attacking individual persons.

b) comments should be kept constructive, relevant and civil.

c) information gleaned from personal stories shared on here or anywhere else must never be used to bully, taunt and shame a member. Such comments will be deleted immediately.

d) comments written to threaten another member of the site will be removed.

e) homophobic sentiments are not allowed here, such sentiments borne out of lesbophobia, biphobia, transphobia etc. Comments must never contain prejudice or bigotry towards any of the sexual minorities.

f) the comments section is not an avenue to solicit hook-ups.

g) comments must never contain prejudice or bigotry towards any social, racial and/or ethnic demographic.

h) comments must not glamourize unsafe sexual practices, sex with underage persons, drug addiction, and sexual abuse.

These policies should have been set in place at the inception of Kito Diaries, and are by no means intended to hamper the freedom of speech on this forum. It simply aims at curtailing the poison that seems to come so freely to a lot of members in this online community. Whether we like it or not, we are here to foster a difference, and that cannot happen when we are perpetually acting out our vicious fantasies here.

Agree to disagree. Disagree with civility. And curtail your prejudice. That’s the summation of KD’s policies.

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