This is a work of fiction by a Kito-Diaries-ian, Tobi, who is fast becoming a regular writer for this blog. You may remember him from the controversial piece he did – The Hoe Issue. (Read HERE if you missed that). Here’s another shocking, raw write-up by him. Read and let us know your thoughts below.


The church bells chimed for about an hour.

I honestly think it’s too much noise, not that I’m not religious or anything. It just baffles me that that cute 19 year old Chris can just stand up there, hitting that thing for almost an hour. I couldn’t bear it, I tell you. During mass, I sit next to my parents and my senior sister Vanessa from 9 to 11. When mass is over, we move to different sections. Although I’m 17 now, I prefer the adult section so I can see those guys in their tight pants going forward to collect their holy communion and trace the prints of their dicks against the fly of their trousers. Most times, I barely get up to receive mine because I’d be hard as ever on the chair. I always wondered how it would be for me, my first time that is, with someone I did care about. Cute, hot, slim. Too much body drama isn’t my thing. All I want is just to fall in love with the right guy.

I watched carefully as everyone stood up to get their holy communion.

Just then, some guy sat next to me. I barely noticed until he whispered close to my head, “Hey…”

“Hello…” I replied. I looked at him. Lord! He was fine. His eyes were brown, like cocoa. He was light-skinned. He wasn’t a member of our church, I’d have noticed such fineness if he was a regular. He confessed he came because his friends forced him to. My hands trembled, my mouth was dry. I liked him. We talked for a while. He told me his name was Andrew. The way he said my name made my face heat up. I looked up and saw the priest shoot a reproving look at me. He didn’t seem pleased with my lack of focus on his sermon. He’s a friend of my father. I turned away quickly and pretended to listen to what he was preaching.

I exchanged numbers with Andrew after the sermon, and he hopped out of the church premises like some young, dope boy. I smiled and started for where my sister was sitting.


I turned to see who called my name. It was the priest; he was still wearing a glare. He told me to see him after the church service. I got nervous. He could tell my dad I was disturbing his sermon and dad would be furious with me. So I immediately began to apologise. Without a word, he turned and walked away with stiff steps.

I left home for the church compound around 3pm. I was not so nervous. I figured he wanted to caution me again against being distracted during service. I do disturb his sermon a lot and I’ve been warned a thousand times before, so this wasn’t new to me. I got to his quarters and knocked on his door. At my knock, the door swung open. I called out and went in. The priest was seated beside a flower pot facing the door.

“Lock the door,” he said curtly.

I swallowed hard, greeted him and obeyed instantly.

He stood up now and gave me a hard look. “You have to pay for your sinful actions, young man,” he said.

I smiled tentatively and started to apologise.

He moved swiftly to me, grabbed my neck and told me to get on my knees.

“S-s-sir…?” I stammered, feeling terrified.  I was now getting really scared.

His hand went down. I followed it with my eyes and gaped as he rubbed his palm against his crotch, through which I could see a burgeoning erection.

“S-s-sir…please…” I didn’t even know what I was begging for.

He gave me a hard smile, and pulled his dick out through his fly. It was MASSIVE! I shrank back in shock. But he tightened his grip on my neck and pulled me closer, shoving me down to my knees.

“Open your mouth!” He barked. “Wider!” I shuddered as he forced his schlong through my quivering lips and down my throat.

I pulled back immediately and retched violently, coughing incessantly as well. I begged and began to cry. It was as if he couldn’t see my sorrow, or hear my pleas. The fatherly priest I knew had gone, to be replaced by a cold-hearted stranger. He held his dick down and slapped me on the face with it as he held my neck with his other hand. He shoved it in my mouth, in and out. I tasted his precum, it was salty and warm. He moaned softly as he kept shoving his meat inside my mouth. Soon I had saliva streaming all over my mouth and his large penis.

Just then, I heard a creak from the back door. Someone walked into the room. It was Andrew.  He smiled at me as he sauntered over, reaching for his jeans.

What the hell is going on? I panicked. I pushed away from the priest with all my strength, leaped to my feet and fled for the front door. Before I could get there, the priest’s hand came down on my shoulder. He swung me around and lashed a punch out at my face. I fell to the floor. Quick as a flash, Andrew came over me and hunkered down. His dick came out and inside my mouth it went. The priest smiled at him and kissed him. With one of his hands, he held Andrew’s face steady for the kiss; with the other hand, he loosened my Ankara trousers and felt for my penis.

I was hard.

He chuckled and yanked at my erection. It hurt, I gave a startled scream, and was hit extremely hard by Andrew.

“Shut up!” he hissed, and dipped his dick again down my throat. I gulped.

A sharp pain ran through my body when the priest forced his middle finger into my asshole. It was a tight fit, and he wasn’t gentle with his invasion. I whimpered around the dick in my mouth. Andrew held me down; he held down my hands with his, while he fucked my mouth. The priest was naked now. He slid two fingers into my ass with some kind of lubricant, and moments later, he shoved his dick in forcefully. I cried and cried. Tears slid down from the corners of my eyes as I thrashed about on the floor. The priest raised my legs up and thrust in his meat and pounded my tight hole vigorously. I choked and gagged. Moments later, he then decided to switch positions with Andrew. He brought his dick towards me. I could barely see clearly – the rock-hard length, oiled with lubricant. He wiped my mouth with his hand and growled, “Lick your shit off my dick, boy.” I wanted to die. Before I could utter a word, I felt his monster in my mouth. It stank. I retched, and this time, something was coming up. I shoved away from them, turned around on the ground and vomited beside the chair the priest was sitting on earlier.

I was pulled back down again. Both alphas began to laugh raucously at me as I trembled. Andrew fucked me like I was a whore, for a long period of time, and then came inside of me with a loud groan, jerking his body as though he was being poleaxed. This seemed to turn on the priest more, because he began slapping my face with his dick and wanking it hard, until he ejaculated, pouring his hot slimy cum all over my face. He stood up and kicked me to get up.

I got shakily to my feet. Andrew helped me up and cleaned my face in the bathroom with a damp cloth. He helped me put my clothes back on and returned to the living room with me, where the priest was almost dressed. He stared at me with sneering disgust now. I was shaken by the expression. I could see neither remorse nor pity on his face. He was still a cold-hearted stranger.

He then said to me in a snarl, “If you ever mention anything about what transpired here between you, my son and I, I’ll make sure it’s the last thing you do!” Andrew opened the back door, and I was out of the house.

If you ever mention anything about what transpired here between you, my son and I, I’ll make sure it’s the last thing you do!

My son…

The threat and those two words rang on in my head as I made my way home. No one knew the priest had a son. Not even dad, I supposed. How could he? I raged silently, distraught. He raped me – the monster! My own father’s friend. Our church priest and his godforsaken bastard child raped me! My tears came, and I cried hard until I got home. It was dark. I was in so much pain. I met Vanessa at the doorway. She said something to me. I didn’t respond, I didn’t hear. I simply wore a straight face, one devoid of tears and tried to walk properly until I got to my room. Then I ran to the bathroom and began to peel the clothes from my violated body. I was bleeding anally. I could smell them on me. I felt nauseated. And then I climbed into the shower and tried to forget.

I could never forget. I never saw Andrew around again. And I never went back to church again.

Written by Tobi

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