That night was lit

The night I got lost

The very night I was deep in thought.

The night I chose to stay

Destiny blew a work of art my way.

A treasure was found that night

A rare gem was brought to light.

Her eyes drew me close

Made me want to raise a toast

Her lips like fine wine

Arousing feelings so divine

My feelings came to confusion

I need to make a decision.

My heart beating faster

My head pounding louder

Make me sane, I begged

Calm me down, I pleaded

I’m losing it, I screamed

My walls are breaking, I yelled

And then she touched me

Every whisper of it brought my chaos to a halt

Her smile erased my imperfections

Her words soothed my soul

In her, I saw no foul.


She is one of a kind

So sweet, tender and kind

She’s the one I crave

Like something I’ve never seen before.

Every day, I wear a face so straight

Every night I patiently wait

For the one who brought sanity to my insane world.

Written by Karah

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