Alleged Ex-Lover Of Orlando Shooter Speaks Out, Says He Did It For Revenge

Alleged Ex-Lover Of Orlando Shooter Speaks Out, Says He Did It For Revenge

“I’ve cried like you have no idea.”

That’s the alleged ex-lover of Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter who murdered 49 people at the gay nightclub Pulse a week and a half ago.

Going by the fake name “Miguel” and wearing a disguise, the man sat down with Univision for an exclusive interview, during which he claimed without presenting even a shred of evidence that Mateen didn’t do what he did for terrorism — despite Mateen’s own words on Facebook and in calls to 911 on the night of the shooting.

Instead, he claims he did it for revenge, and says Mateen felt taken advantage of by members of the gay community.

“He adored Latinos,” he said. “Gay Latinos, with brown skin, but he felt rejected. He felt used by them. There were moments in the Pulse nightclub that made him really mad. Guys used him. That really affected him.”

Miguel claims what sent Mateen over the edge was sleeping with two Puerto Rican men, one of whom confessed he was HIV-positive after the encounter.

According to ‘Miguel’:

“He was terrified that he was infected. I asked him, ‘Did you do a test?’ Yes. He went to the pharmacy and did the test … it came out negative, but it doesn’t come out right away. It takes four, five months. When I asked him what he was going to do now, his answer was, ‘I’m going to make them pay for what they did to me.”

‘Miguel’ strained credulity to the breaking point by insisting that Mateen was a “very sweet guy.” According to CBS, the two men met up about twenty times last year and first found one another on a hookup app. They soon became “friends with benefits.”

He claims Mateen never told him his name, but did reveal pertinent facts about his life: He was married, he had a son, and Mateen’s wife apparently knew he frequented gay bars.

In fact, he insists their whole twice married thing was a sham to conceal from Mateen’s father that his son was “100 percent” gay.

Apparently he never showed a violent side and loved to be cuddled.

“He was looking for love,” the source told Univsion.

Asked why he decided to come forward, he simply said, “It’s my responsibility as a citizen of the United states and a gay man.”

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  1. Francis
    June 28, 04:52 Reply

    Peeps are still milking this tragedy sha ?????

    • bruno
      June 28, 06:37 Reply

      what if it is true? should he have been quiet so as not to milk the tragedy?

      • Francis
        June 28, 08:27 Reply

        Make una dey believe dey go sha.

        I see no better reason why the FBI would hide the fact that he was gay. I don’t see how someone can be this “gay” and not leave a trail. Abi una wan begin talk say the FBI is working with Trump to pass this off as a strictly radical Islam terrorist attack so as to push his “shut the borders” agenda well well.

        Anyhow I may be wrong (or not) but one thing I’ve come to know is that Americans can like to cash in on literally anything to make money and fame. They be shameless like that.

        • Chizzie
          June 28, 10:10 Reply

          You don’t see how someone can be this gay and not leave a trail? Do you not live in Nigeria. You should know how well Nigerian gay men are at not leaving trails, boy

          • Francis
            June 28, 10:39 Reply

            You’ve communicated with someone for like 20 times and there’s no record? Haba

        • Duke
          June 28, 16:47 Reply

          Yes, you can indeed leave no trails if you want to especially as a person strongly as internally homophobic, it shouldn’t be hard. Simply keep all conversations online, do not exchange numbers or contact information. And if the claim that he used JACKD is true, that is even way more easy. It provides you with an option of locking your photos, it doesn’t save your chat history and when you block a person, all the online history you have with that person is gone. So yes, most of these apps make it easy not to leave a trail.

          • Francis
            June 28, 16:50 Reply

            Wait oh! I hope you don’t actually believe these companies when they say “we don’t store, share or snoop on your data”? Hian #NaiveMuch.

            As long as you put it online, it can be tracked wella unless you’re one ogbonge cyber geek/hacker

  2. Dennis Macaulay
    June 28, 06:48 Reply

    The FBI has refuted these claims; they said there is no evidence that the shooter was gay

    • Pink Panther
      June 28, 07:10 Reply

      Abeg, let’s not be in a hurry to discredit him simply becos the FBI said something.

    • Mandy
      June 28, 07:23 Reply

      Like the FBI has never been wrong before. And given the way the media had been trying to manipulate the public into seeing the tragedy as a terrorist attack instead of a hate crime, who’s to say the FBI isn’t investigating along the same line?

  3. posh6666
    June 28, 07:31 Reply

    When you have watched foreign movies to a certain level,you will know the govt and its security agencies can go to any lenght to protect the image of the country or discredit whatever info that is discovered if it doesnt suit their agenda for that moment…

    Possibly this guy is right cos I have thought about it too and this just looks like a case of self loath and extreme case of inferiority complex…

    Even before the wife admitted he frequents gay bars,the 1st moment I saw his pics my gaydar went off! That might not mean anything gaydars are faulty sometimes too but am just saying…

  4. ambivalentone
    June 28, 07:41 Reply

    A whole 20 times and u didn’t even know his name? As u came while u fucked, what were y’all screaming? “I’m cumming babyboyblue!!!!”????Eskiss sah, tell another lie or perhaps give pictures of this dating app and his pseudonym na

    • ambivalentone
      June 28, 07:46 Reply

      and he trusts u enuff to av told u he thinks he got infected with HIV by a latino? WTF are u? His priest or doctor?? Ppl reading these ‘exposés’ or ‘confessions’ are not silly na. Haba!!!

  5. bain
    June 28, 09:38 Reply

    I don’t believe….it doesn’t even sound true,the guy is dead we can’t do anymore to him again,we just have to live with the loss.

  6. Chizzie
    June 28, 10:12 Reply

    As someone who has (occasional) homicidal tendencies… I believe this story.

    • Delle
      June 28, 11:35 Reply

      Hahahaha! Okay, this cracked me up

  7. Eros
    June 28, 11:17 Reply

    Layers of thought and deed

  8. Delle
    June 28, 11:32 Reply

    This is a very rational explanation towards the whole thing. I’ve always suspected the Omar guy to be a closeted homosexual. Only someone with a personal grudge would do that.
    He would have visited a shrink or something. How does killing enmasse satiate your anger?

  9. Brian Collins
    June 28, 17:46 Reply

    You people should leave the people of Orlando to rest in Peace biko.

Leave a Reply