Vhar and his mother have mother-son relationship goals. This is established every time we get a glimpse of their interactions here on Kito Diaries. There was that first conversation, and then that other conversation.

And now this one! For all those who yearn for accepting family members, this will kill you, aswear. Lol. Check on it.

(Oh, and here’s something else. Vhar’s mother apparently reads Kito Diaries. Now join me and weep.)


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  1. Johnny
    April 21, 07:14 Reply

    I am not believing this. It looks staged.

    • Kenny
      April 21, 07:19 Reply

      There are links in the post. Check the backstory

    • Colossus
      April 21, 13:46 Reply

      When in doubt, check the back story. We have become so accustomed to things not going a certain way that when it finally does for one person, we deny deny deny.

  2. Kenny
    April 21, 07:18 Reply

    Mummy!! When will you be like this Na? ??

  3. Canis VY Majoris
    April 21, 07:24 Reply

    LMAO!! Your mom is bae. And I believe I’m not the only one who’d love to have brunch with her on a weekly basis.

    Let her come and adopt us.??????

  4. Absalom
    April 21, 07:28 Reply

    LOL, aww!

    And my own father can’t even chat me on WhatsApp except when he’s sending BCs. Mtscheeeew.

    • Pink Panther
      April 21, 07:39 Reply

      ??? You clearly still have a long way to go with him if y’all are still in the BC stage of your chat relationship

  5. ambivalentone
    April 21, 07:30 Reply

    Biko, don’t make me depressed this morning. Whassup with Halle Berry?

  6. Peach head
    April 21, 07:33 Reply

    Hilarious!!! biko i dont want my mom to be like this lwkmd!!!

    • Delle
      April 21, 08:55 Reply

      I don’t get this. Yes, i may agree that it is quite uncomfortable having your mum discuss your gay relationship with you or even scouting for a man for you but how would you take a homophobic mum over this?

  7. Delle
    April 21, 08:51 Reply

    This is almost too good to be true. And here my mum is always looking to add meaning to any female’s picture I use as my dp.

    i hope you have shaa started toasting the ‘owner of the website’.
    *singing* mama knows best!

    • Pink Panther
      April 21, 10:04 Reply

      It’s not the ‘owner of the website’ she wants to matchmake him with biko.

      • Delle
        April 21, 11:21 Reply

        Lol. Maybe i didn’t read properly.

        Oh i got it now. PP why are you defensive, btw? As if ya not single.

        Besides, why did you people (don’t know exactly who did) censor some chats, ehn?

  8. Michael
    April 21, 11:33 Reply

    Dear Vhar’s mother, thank you for giving us hope.

  9. whoisugo
    April 21, 12:34 Reply

    lmaoo, oh my god your mother is so funny. u better get his number and toast hiim oh!

  10. doe eyed monster
    April 21, 12:59 Reply

    Lol.. .i am close to my mum o.. .but all these jabs “you were not wearing your glasses” “iru katikati Wo leleyi? ” …lol… I would just die before she kills me.

  11. Colossus
    April 21, 13:51 Reply

    Your mother is hilarious ????. Reminds me of my late father, not in this context though. He always knew how to make his sons feel uncomfortable around girls.

    Please greet your mom for us ooo. Oh she read this right?

    “Hi Vhar’s mom?”

    • Delle
      April 21, 21:16 Reply

      Old people can be enlightened and open-minded, you know?

  12. Covert
    April 22, 17:23 Reply

    Can’t imagine this with my mum. She’s too bossy that our relationship is like master and servent, she’s toning down though. I really love your mum, Infact I’m jealous right now.

  13. Anastasius
    April 26, 20:57 Reply

    Vhar’s mum is bae… My aspiration in lyf now is to meet vhar’s mum. Shout out to u ma

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