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Here’s an opinion: letting go of the fact that there’s a “the One” can be one of the most freeing things you will ever do. All that pressure to find

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The NYSC Diaries (Entry 6)

So, after a long period of observation, I’ve come to make the most surprising discovery. The corps members in my orientation camp are unusually tolerant of homosexuality. Yes, there’s one

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K’osidim n’obi (Entry 11)

I think I’m finally experiencing a nervous breakdown. Mentally, I think I’m damaged. Writing has always been my way of escaping reality, and for the last two years, I’ve been

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Opinion: Evangelist Franklin Graham distorts the Bible’s message on homosexuality

U.S. electoral politics have traditionally been somewhat bland, with candidates from both major parties representing a safe and always unrepresentative proportion of the country’s actually diverse population. That’s changing just

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Chapter 4: Ejike and Other People As Ejike pulled me into that dark empty classroom, we first shared a light kiss before proceeding to dry-hump each other fully clothed, this

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Pornhub is looking to buy Tumblr

Pornhub is interested in buying up Tumblr – and restoring its NSFW content – on news that owners are selling the blogging platform. Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: “You Do Not Become A Saint By Being Oppressed.”

“To be a member of an oppressed group does not mean you’re sanctified. If you’re part of an oppressed group, then you’re just that – oppressed. You do not become

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Persistently, we read quips or jibes about how the LGBT are shoving their sexuality in everyone’s face. It has become a running joke. A persistent sentiment. How we have infiltrated

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A Timeline of the Tonto Dikeh-Churchill Olakunle Marriage Controversy, and all the ways Tonto Dikeh is not here to take any prisoners

The social media has been boiling over with all the drama surrounding exes Tonto Dikeh and Churchill Olakunle. The couple have been divorced for about a couple of years now;

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It was a boring evening sometime in August 2014. I was waiting for admission then. So, I was going through 2go, and in one of the rooms on the app,