Beyoncé and Rihanna make Forbes’ World’s 100 Most Powerful Women 2019 List

Beyoncé and Rihanna make Forbes’ World’s 100 Most Powerful Women 2019 List

As if we needed any more proof that Beyoncé and Rihanna reign as two of music’s most supreme royalty, Forbes has confirmed what fans have long upheld: that Bey and Rih are a formidable force in and of themselves. On Thursday, the publication unveiled its annual ranking of the 100 most powerful women in the world. From politics to entertainment, the list recognized those who took 2019 by storm.

Beyoncé and Rihanna (along with Taylor Swift) were the only musicians named on the list, clocking in at the 66th and 61st slots respectively. Both ladies have been dominating headlines all year long for culture-shifting, game-changing moves that will forever shape how we enjoy music and champion diversity in fashion circles.

Beyoncé’s 2019 has kept her busy in many circles since the premiere of Disney’s highly anticipated CGI remake of its childhood classic, The Lion King, and the release of her revelatory Homecoming Netflix documentary at the top of the year. Along with voicing the character Nala, Bey executive-produced the film’s companion album, The Lion King: The Gift, birthing hits such as “Brown Skin Girl” (which spawned a viral challenge on social media) and “Spirit.”

Similarly, Rihanna has steadily expanded her ever-growing FENTY empire that has grown to encompass beauty, lingerie and fashion. Even in the absence of new music, the Barbadian superstar has had a marquee year from her show-stopping FENTY X Savage show during 2019 NYFW to her ANTI album still breaking records four years after its release.

We can’t wait to see what both of them have in store for 2020. Read the rest of Forbes’ list on the 100 most powerful woman in the world here.

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  1. Duc
    December 15, 08:03 Reply

    Black women are truly coming into their own and I’m personally here for it.

  2. Higwe
    December 15, 09:44 Reply

    Beyonce did absolutely nothing this year to deserve a place on this list .

    Lion King would have still been a blockbuster regardless of any actress that voiced Nala.

    Spirit flopped – the gift album flopped abysmally and did absolutely nothing for the careers of all the African acts that were featured .

    Yes , I love seeing black people winning …but it’s better when they actually deserve it.

    Not when it’s gifted as a token .🚶🏼‍♂️

  3. Fred
    December 15, 10:36 Reply

    Guys, please don’t laugh but I was looking for Ngozi Okonjo-Ieeala and Chimamanda Adichie in that list

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