This guy still doesn’t get it. It’s like his ignorance is a pestilence that just won’t let go. Bisi Alimi has offered to educate him; he really, really should take some time out of being such a Snapchat sensation and give Bisi a call so he can be educated on crucial LGBT issues.

So anyway, he was interviewed again, this time by Pulse TV, and when the issue of his controversial comments came up, here’s what he said:

“To the people who are so sick about what I said, I am sorry. It wasn’t intentional. That was my first time of coming live on interview. And the way the question was thrown to me, I couldn’t even…I just said what was on my mind. I’m so sorry, for people who found that statement offensive, about me saying I’m in support of the antigay law. I’m sorry.

“But I just feel, it’s not nice to me though, because, your father gave birth to you and your mother gave birth to you. You can have fun from now till whenever you like. But I think it’s very important for you to have your own kids. You can whatever you want, but just make sure you have your own kids that will call you father… Always remember that you want to have kids that will bury you. And don’t let the fun you’re having to overrun you.”

Like I said, this guy desperately needs education. Check on his interview below.

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