Hi, my name is Carl, and I am most certainly an addict. It has almost been a year since I wanted to contribute something for Kito Diaries, and I am ashamed to say that it was mere laziness and mostly school, and other activities that have prevented me from putting together any meaningful submission.

Before I begin whatever it is I’m going to write, let me just say that I have the most boring life. Lol. It basically consists of waking up, working out, eating, watching TV or reading, playing and fighting with my sister, eating, playing and fighting with my sister some more, then sleeping. And the next day, we repeat it all over again. Pretty boring, right? The only thing that usually saves me is when I’m in school. It is with much confidence that I let it be known that my post will not be a diary, but about my life, what I’m thinking, or an issue I would like to discuss because I feel categorizing will just diminish whatever little creativity I have.

I said I’m an addict, right? Let me briefly enlighten you on what I mean. TV, movies, books, music, boys (I’m a hoe in my head. Lawd!), and sleep are all my guilty pleasures. What do all above have in common? Stories. Yes, stories. TV shows, movies and books tell stories. Music is a story that someone has decided to lyric and add melody to. Boys? Well like I said – Hoe in my head. I see a fine boy, and I’ve already imagined a lifetime with him. God help me. Finally, Sleep? Well, most everyone dreams, and these trips into dreamland involve some tale or the other.

I am addicted to stories. One could say it’s on the same level as oxygen for me. One of the ways you could punish me severely is to deny me access to any of the above. I would start having delusions of grandeur, or maybe I’d start hallucinating. Either way, not good.

I hope you all have an insight into what I may be – I’m far too secretive for my liking – or may not be. This is my first post, and I hope to inspire people, and connect on a different level with readers that could understand me other than my best friends.

Speaking of… Hi, James. Love you, boo.

Ciao y’all. Till next session.

Written by Carl

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