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On The Line

“Kill the gays! Kill them!” Chima thundered. Chima’s eyes resembled the fiery pellets that seeped through the roof into the hut. We were cornered by love and tradition. Two Romeos,

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The Gaycation He Would Never Forget

FOREWORD: This story was inspired by the time someone close to me told me he met the porn star, Rocco Steele, during a vacation in Europe. He sent me pictures

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They met at a colleague’s wedding. Evans was forced to attend since the entire office would be going. He avoided any interaction with his colleagues outside work and this had

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Let’s call her Bola. Bola was fifteen years old when she discovered it or rather when it dawned on her. Bola was a PK, you know, a pastor’s kid. She

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With A Little Frosting On The Candy (Part 2)

Previously on With A Little Frosting On The Candy… * On Saturday evening, a few minutes past 5pm, I walked into Belmund Cakes to collect my cake and pay up

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With A Little Frosting On The Candy

WRITER’S NOTE: The following is a work of fiction. * Belmund Cakes was a small office in the back flat on the first floor of Citi Center. The doorway and the

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She sat on the brown upholstered couch, her favorite spot in the old duplex home. A portrait of her family was in her slightly arthritic right hand, and her phone

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We kissed. Our lips met and parted and meshed. I shook in uncertainty as your beard sensually grazed my chin. There was fire and it burned so sweet. I tasted

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Dad called. His 70 year old voice crackled rustily through the phone. It was filled with a mixture of loneliness and longing. “Rotimi, I know you are very busy. I

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Writer’s Note: This story is inspired by true events. You loved him and he loved you too. At least you thought he did. He could pass as your shortest relationship