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Those Awkward Moments (Episode 13)

“Coward! Don’t ever come to my house again!” As my mind recycled the awful words my so-called best friend had spat at me as I fled from being his accomplice

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ROULETTE OF THE DAMNED 5: Magical Mystery Ride II

They found a spot on the far end of the dance floor and Mofe’s hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her close. Abbey wanted to melt into him as

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Those Awkward Moments (Special) – Meet The Characters

Those Awkward Moments is a story that centers on the life of singer-songwriter, Kevin Achike and how he tries to balance his ambitions with love, family and career, all this

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Those Awkward Moments (Episode 12)

Previously on THOSE AWKWARD MOMENTS: So Kevin attended a big club event with Demoniker Dawson, the music superstar he’s writing for, and not only did he get to play the

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ROULETTE OF THE DAMNED 4: Magical Mystery Ride

Bukunmi hopped off the barstool. Perfectly shaved legs, a teasing smile, dark eyes that lit up beneath long dark lashes… That was Bukunmi. She not only turned heads, she stopped

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ROULETTE OF THE DAMNED 3: Perfect Imperfections II

Hearing the jiggling of keys, Jiro had walked over to his front door and opened it from inside his apartment. Andrew stumbled in, his free hand losing its grip on

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ROULETTE OF THE DAMNED 2: Perfect Imperfections

Andrew sat in his chair for a good half hour without so much as moving a muscle. After closing Jiro’s door, he had walked to his office like a zombie,

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Those Awkward Moments (Episode 11)

Previously On THOSE AWKWARD MOMENTS: After a long day at the hospital, Kevin gets to unwind with superstar, Demoniker at the very exclusive club, The Ravens. And just as he’s

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FOREWORD: Kito Diaries introduces a new fictional series that will run on Saturdays. Titled Roulette Of The Damned, the series is penned by The Controvert, and this is the debut

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Those Awkward Moments (Episode 10)

Previously on THOSE AWKWARD MOMENTS: So remember how Kevin and his mom went to the hospital to see Jude, and then Kevin gets to see the man of his dreams