Current Mr Ideal Nigeria shows off his eggplant on Instagram

Current Mr Ideal Nigeria shows off his eggplant on Instagram

Prince Ehirim, who is the current Mr Ideal Nigeria, shared the photo below on his Instagram page and captioned it with: “….and I heard someone saying exercising reduces a man’s eggplant. And I say it’s “false”. 0

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  1. posh6666
    April 27, 11:00 Reply

    Better advertise those goods sister gurl!

    • kacee
      April 27, 17:36 Reply

      Hehehe i know u would say that.

  2. Kenny
    April 27, 12:07 Reply

    That’s all of it erect? It’s not news worthy!

  3. Mandy
    April 27, 12:39 Reply

    Omo! This is just simply mouth-watering!

    • Mitch
      April 27, 13:54 Reply

      Kai! Kere, you’re a head case!

    • The boss
      April 27, 15:41 Reply

      Yes he does! Seen his videos, pretty intensed work out!

  4. The boss
    April 27, 15:40 Reply

    Is PP like the new PR strategist for the H’OfTwitch and is KD a media partner to Mr Ideal?!

      • The boss
        April 28, 04:54 Reply

        I see only ideal, no other male pageant! We need to see the earth or universe or tourism!

  5. thatinyvoice
    April 27, 16:08 Reply

    I know this guy and this isn’t his dick. He was probably seeking attention

    • posh6666
      April 27, 16:29 Reply

      Technically you guys had sex right?or maybe u were among the judges he had to shag to get the title.

      • thatinyvoice
        April 27, 18:26 Reply

        Can you ‘technically’ connect that rusty thing you call brain with your typing fingers. Thank you!

    • thatinyvoice
      April 28, 18:26 Reply

      Bitch who the fuck are you? Quietly change that moniker and get yourself a life, thief.

  6. Novacane
    April 27, 18:49 Reply

    Sigh… Here we go with the “i know this guy”. He mentally fucked my friends bestfriend’s cousin. so i know him well. Biko, even if you do know him, it’s not necessary to point that out.

      • thatinyvoice
        April 27, 23:58 Reply

        You be moron! No ba aproko make you carry the news come here?

        • Pink Panther
          April 28, 00:02 Reply

          Lol. You’ve been going around slamming insults hiarandia. Curious. Makes me wonder the validity of your claims. I won’t get drawn into a spat with you biko. Goan find other dicks to verify.

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