Daddy Freeze protests the gay rumours surrounding him

Daddy Freeze protests the gay rumours surrounding him

So, following the exposé his fiancée did on her ex-husband, who she claimed is gay and cheated on her with other men, speculations abounded amongst Nigerians over whether Daddy Freeze was the man she was referring to. (Why this speculation even happened is beyond me. The woman is Daddy Freeze’s fiancée talking about her ex. Pretty obvious she wasn’t talking about the radio show host)

Anyway, the usually garrulous OAP took to Instagram (where else?) to protest the gay rumours and clarify his sexuality, while getting in a shade or two at all those who even thought he was the man being referred to in the Linda Ikeji interview and at religious Nigerians.

He captioned the post with the following:

“The leader of the #FreeNation is not gay o, eyin olodo! If you can’t understand linda ikeji’s blog how can you ever understand bible? Or are these morons trying to understand lindaikejis blog ‘spiritually’ like they foolishly think they understand Tithing. I am not Gay o and I didn’t sleep with my ex once a year o! God has blessed some of us with drive so we leave our cars high mileage…..if you know what I mean. The mileage dey read enter demurrage.”

Quick question though: what does he mean by “God has blessed some of us with drive so we leave our cars high mileage”?

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  1. trystham
    February 16, 08:00 Reply

    I think its not ‘not reading’ as much as preferential selection of words. They saw ‘husband’ and ‘gay’ in one headline and decided to be stupid again as with all other things.

  2. Dunder
    February 16, 12:48 Reply

    Some people simply cannot have sense again. The lady mentioned her ex’s name about four times during this interview and still, cerebral cretinism will still worry some people. I guess to some average Nigerians, not cutting your “man of God” a 10% roger is what “a gay” would do and quoting scripture back to reverend slave masters is a hallmark trait of “gayism”.

  3. yazz soltana
    February 19, 02:43 Reply

    If you cannot understand lindaikeji’sblog how will you understand bible…??

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