FOREWORD: This is a follow-up on the idea of support proposed by Sensei. The idea is taking off. The official email address is

And this is a call for anyone who would like to volunteer as part of this virtual support system. The support system is comprised of three categories: members of the gaybourhood who are struggling with their HIV positive status, those recovering from Kito attacks, and those suffering from bouts of depression.

If you intend to volunteer as a counselor, simply send a mail to the address above, indicating your interest and which category you want to play a part in.

And if you are a brother (or sister) suffering through any of these three phases, kindly send a mail to the address above, and we’ll do our best to get you the help you deserve.

The KD Support System is all set, guys, let’s make it count.

And now, on to today’s post


I am HIV positive. And it is only my caregiver, lecturer friend, my counselor, and few select friends who know. My family is in the dark about my status, although they are aware that I gulp down pills at 10pm every night, and that I go for routine checkups every now and then.

However, my mum is starting to raise dust about the side effects I display of the ‘pills’ I’m taking. And I seem to have started ‘wasting’.

My caregivers attribute it to my worrying about my family finding out, and they have advised me to reveal my status to them, maybe even come out to them, in order for me to have my peace of mind. I have dealt with the initial shock and depression that comes with the knowledge of my status, but I do not think I’ll be able to deal with any stigma from my family over this issue.

I’m not strong enough. I need help and direction on what to do.

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