How do guys find love, what with the harsh climes we live in?

I always did wonder, because I hear of friends and stories of people finding love, hooking up and all that. I’m 25 and I’ve never been in a relationship.

See, I’m immensely shy, I never know what to say to a guy I find attractive so I just steal glances, or stare, depending on how courageous I feel per-time. I have also been rejected a lot of times by guys who feel nothing for me whereas I feel everything for them, and I have been a victim of blackmail by ‘Kitos’.

I don’t want to recede completely into myself and become a cold, unfeeling creature as I slowly am becoming. But I do not have the courage to step up to someone and say “hey”. I’m not very outgoing, so I don’t even know where people go where they meet people.

I’ve been told I should be a pornstar or an ‘exotic’ model. I have quite an ass, and a long dick, and an athletic body, and so far I have received positive reviews on my sexual performance on both sides of the coin, but I’m bored with flings. I want something substantial because I feel empty sometimes. I want to love someone older than I am, stronger than I am, wiser than I am. Someone to teach me things, someone I can look up to, I suppose, because of the sort of experiences I had growing up, and also because I am impossibly stubborn and need a good taming.

In the past, I have been extremely picky, the guys that have come my way have never quite fit the bill; they’ve either been too fat to hold, too stupid to get me or way too married to have my time. With those, I just cannot deal. I do not apologise for being stubbornly steadfast to my standards. I’d rather be home alone than with someone I cannot have a conversation with, someone I’m not attracted to, someone who doesn’t have my time much, and since I am a bit of a fitness nut, someone who does not work out.

I’m not very demanding. Am I ?

How does one find such a guy out there? What does one say to a guy? Any 101 tips for a shy fellow?

Submitted by Chuks Bass

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