In a typical Igbo setting, a male child is said to be a gift from heaven. The more male children a woman has, the more renowned and respected she is. I will like to acknowledge the fact that I am hardcore feminist, but there are some things no amount of education will change, especially when it comes to dealing with tradition and whatnot. By the way, my mother has five children, all are male.

I am the third child of my parents, the middle-man, the one who settles fights between the seniors and the juniors. I am the poster good kid, intelligent, witty, polite, Straight A student. I also happen to be as gay as a bag full of rainbows and I am so far stuck in my closet that I suck dick in Narnia.

Did I forget to tell you that all my brothers are homophobes? Yes they bloody well are.

My elder brothers are hardcore womanizers who believe there is something seriously wrong with gay people, that they should be thrown into a mental hospital and psycho-analyzed. They always disturb me about having a girlfriend and pester me with stories of the sweet, sweet pleasures they get when they have sex with their numerous girlfriends. (I usually get so disgusted at this part that I want to gag)

My immediate younger brother suspects I’m gay and calls me a faggot whenever we have a fight. I usually get revenge on him by channeling my inner Victoria Grayson and accidently setting his clothes on fire or some other nasty thing. (What can I say? I’m such a klutz)

And our last born? A sweet fifteen year old kid who believes all gay people should be stoned. And he is the one that scares me the most.

Anytime we watch shows like Glee, and Klaine or Brittana scenes come up, my baby brother (Let us call him Daniel) says nasty things like “Are these people mad” or “They should be stoned”, and if I try educating him that gay people are just like any other person (except we are way more fabulous), the entire family zeroes in on me with this funny look and I tend to just shut up.

I sort of blame his behaviour on my other brothers and the kind of friends he has in school. I wrote this to ask KDians about their opinions on this issue and how I should educate him, because I feel he is still young enough to be impressionable. I love my brothers very much and I believe no one should have this much hate in them.

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