One of my students was caught having sex with another student while the later was asleep.

A board of inquiry has been set up to investigate the incident and make recommendations. Ironically, I was assigned chairmanship of the board. Evidences have been provided and names of witnesses listed. The accused is seventeen years old, and the son of a special adviser to the state governor. I have started receiving friendly pressures.

One remarkable thing that most members of the board seem to agree upon is that the boy has a right to his sexuality. Surprised? I was too.

Now, I want to look for possible escape routes for that boy, but there are obstacles:

  1. My integrity. I might be accused of collecting bribe from his wealthy family to free him.
  2. The school’s manual clearly forbids sexual relationships between students in or outside the school premises. It stipulates expulsion as punishment. Note that this institution is military.
  3. Another student’s education was terminated some months ago on the accusation of attempted sodomy. He was reported by this same boy – the one on trial now. A case of a gay guy outing another gay guy. Does he deserve mercy?

I will like to know what to do to affect this situation.

Submitted by Gad