Since I moved outside Nigeria, I have been either too busy or uninterested to hook up with anybody. Contrary to what all my friends believe, I am not exactly having the ultimate sexual experience. I am either caught up with school, work or some activity (cue in church).

Recently, a friend suggested I download Grindr, and after much contemplation, I did. The place was just filled with freaks, and just when I was about to uninstall the app while I was at the gym, I got messaged by some good looking brother. We chatted a little and after a while, we exchanged numbers and I progressed to uninstall the Grindr app.

After several days of chatting over the phone and finding out the guy (let’s call him Jacob) was also a member of the gym and he had always crushed on (lusted after) me for a while, I agreed to go meet him at his crib. Fast-forward moments after the usual chit-chit, we start taking our shirts off.

And then, I see it…

Several body marks and native inscriptions (did I mention he is from Benin, Nigeria?). This really put me off because I was brought up to believe people with body marks have some form of spiritual problem and the fact that he is from Benin – the poster-boys for black magic – didn’t really help.

I ended up bringing up a story about having an appointment and promising to come back at some other time, just so I can get out and get my head straight.

Am I being unnecessarily paranoid and superstitious? Do we have any Benin guys that may be willing to share what these body inscriptions may mean? Almost two years of no sugar is long enough, so help is needed ASAP. Thank you.

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