Porn Star Diego Sans: ‘No Gay Man Is Tight.’

Porn Star Diego Sans: ‘No Gay Man Is Tight.’

During a not-so recent interview after a just-concluded porn shoot with fellow performer, Lance Luciano, adult film star Diego Sans was asked about his exuberance during the sex. (Apparently, he’d come three times in the 20-minute shoot).11348171_1633316666927762_937346233_n

Interviewer: What made his ass so special that made you lose control? Was it like super tight?

And Diego replied: “No gay man is tight. Let’s just get that clear. Men that bottom are not tight. No gay man… Once you put something in there, you’re not tight anymore, buddy.”

And now, over to you, KDians, what do you think?

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  1. ambivalentone
    September 01, 06:16 Reply

    A tinny dick and ejaculation problems…how this guy take be porn star again? His bedroom issues are clearly top game

    • Pink Panther
      September 01, 06:41 Reply

      A tinny dick? Lol. Have you watched him in action?

      • ambivalentone
        September 01, 07:00 Reply

        Apparently, there isn’t much of ‘action’ to watch if he can cum 3 times in 20mins…and he wasn’t even the bottom. Abeg, he needs herbs.

  2. Kenny
    September 01, 06:57 Reply

    Is the ass now a Vagina? ? The sphincter muscle can weaken with time but the rectum which is basically the last part of the large intestine can’t be stretched out. He simply has a small dick ???

  3. wiffey
    September 01, 07:03 Reply

    I can even justify that with answer

  4. Mandy
    September 01, 07:27 Reply

    Can we have a medical expert weigh in on this? Francis? Simba? Anyone?

  5. IBK
    September 01, 10:09 Reply

    The way I see it we can liken the muscles involved on the receiving side of anal sex to other muscles like those of your arms. They are different but fundamentally they are muscles. You can’t say because you can now carry a bucket of water you couldn’t before you muscles have weakened

    Maybe that’s what happens? The bottom’s anal muscles have learnt to accommodate.. Not like the yansh is a constant big gaping hole. That’s why shit doesn’t leak out after a huge dick and you getting used to a partner that has a big dick and smaller ones sliding in quite easily.

    This is a theory though.. Maybe other (more experienced) doctors know something I don’t.

  6. Viera
    September 01, 10:28 Reply

    No gay man is tight or no gay pornstar is tight….
    I’ve been having sex for three years and my index finger won’t slide in without lubricants
    and I have a friend that even a sixteen inch dick won’t have any effect on him
    it depends on your body type
    ……and with enough lubricants anaesthesia and drugs even two fists will enter the tightest virgin
    oh well….

  7. Delle
    September 01, 12:33 Reply

    *flips weave*
    Has he met me?

    Well, I guess he has a point. Once a dick has gone in there, at least more than once, it can’t be as gum-tight as it were when you were prolly a virgin. But then again, tight could have degrees.
    Are you looking for virgin tight (as in, superglued sphincter) or just tight…the latter though isn’t so hard to come by.

  8. Ass Professor
    September 01, 16:05 Reply

    Nonsense. Tight asses full lagos. And we been in there and around all dem the past 10 years. Sans take a seat. No, several.

  9. peaches
    September 01, 16:39 Reply

    Hmmn * that’s a tough one* I think the butt muscles does the contrast n expand thingy. especially with the mood cos have u tried penetrating an in willing fellow? even if he is a hoelosho and he isn’t in that mood, not even close, ur dick will snap.

  10. Eddie
    September 01, 17:12 Reply

    the guy is speaking his own jor…me i’m still tight abeg….well i dont exactly fuck very often sha lol

  11. Mike Daemon
    September 03, 15:51 Reply

    And then clearly, the arguments continue. I am just here laughing really hard. The issue of tightness and looseness of the ass has always been an issue within the community, even many outside the community wonder about this. Some think gay men….

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