Every Day Is For The Thief

Every Day Is For The Thief

I met this guy through Grindr. He told me his name was Maro. We met up with the intention of hooking up. We went to a spot in Dutse, Sokale Garden, because he said he liked to get high before sex. We got talking. He claimed he was a student at Lead University and that he was awaiting service. We bought SK and drank some beer. While we were hanging out, he kept on communicating with someone on his phone via SMS. Then later, he said we could go have sex. We got into my car and he began directing me toward a residential area.

But then he got a call, and after answering, he said something like “How much you withdraw?” Whatever response he got made him laugh really hard, and then he told his caller that he was coming.

When we were close to some residential buildings, he told me he wanted to buy soft drinks and condoms, so I gave him money for that. He told me to wait, got out of the car and left.

And he didn’t come back.

I waited about thirty to forty minutes. It was a hot day in Abuja and so, my engine and AC were on. I called and called him, but he didn’t answer any of my calls. So, I texted him, telling him to have the decency of letting me know if he had skipped out on me. he didn’t respond. I gave up and drove on to Gwarimpa.

Two hours later, he called and asked where I was, giving me some cock-and-bull story about how he bumped into someone he knew and got carried away. It wasn’t even a good excuse, but I waved it aside, telling him it was okay, that we would see another time.

As the days went by, he’d call, asking me when I would come over and I would post him. After what happened the last time, I wasn’t too keen on seeing him. (In hindsight, I believe he skipped out on me because their maga had paid that day. I am positive that I would’ve been kitoed if he hadn’t settled on the alternative of robbing me. But I digress.)

So, I eventually agreed to see him again. We met at the same spot – Sokale Garden. Smoked and drank, before going on to his house. It wasn’t even his house. We went to somewhere in Dutse, somewhere with such terrible roads that I’m sure would have been difficult for me to get to, had I not been driving a Highlander.

He instructed me to park somewhere. We got out and crossed a small bridge, before walking a short distance to his place. We got there to meet some guys there. They were lying about on the single bed, napping. He roused them and then instructed me – he didn’t ask, he told me – to give the guys some money so they could go to a nearby bar and drink. I gave them the money and they left the room.

And then we got down. In the middle of the sex however, he pushed me away abruptly, saying he couldn’t take it anymore, that I was taking too long to cum. I was like, fine. I wasn’t going to push it. He went into the adjoining bathroom and washed up. When he was done, I went in after him.

It was while I was in there that he robbed me. Got into my wallet and took my money. My phone, watch and ring.

I was in the bathroom when I heard the sound of him opening the door. Throughout this hookup, I’d had this feeling of unease stay with me, and so, when I heard him open the door, I panicked and rushed out of the bathroom. Through the doorway, I could see three heavily-built guys outside, smoking weed. He was talking to them.

I went straight to my clothes to put them on. As I was putting on my trouser, I noticed that my phone was gone. I checked. It was my Blackberry, not my other more valued phone. I would have raised hell, but I was now acutely aware of how disadvantaged I was. So, I said, to hell with that.

Upon checking further however, I realized that my gold ring and Guess watch were both gone too.


Before the hookup, I’d purposed that after sex, I would give him some money. And so, with my heart now beating, I reached for my wallet and opened it to see that the 15 grand I had inside was all gone.

This guy had robbed me.

It was at this time that he came back in and told me that I’d have to leave. I looked at him. He looked back at me. We were both aware of what had happened and how I would not challenge him over the theft because I was on his turf.

I didn’t want any escalation. So, I accepted my lot and left.

I believe people come into our lives to teach us a lesson that we are to get wiser by.

After I got out, I posted his picture and the story of my experience in a queer WhatsApp group I’m in. And most of the guys in the group who were based in Abuja knew him and had had similar experiences with him. One of them was even beaten severely by the guy’s cohorts.

This was when I decided to bring it to Kito Diaries.

His name is indeed Maro – Oghenemarho. On Facebook as Maro Odhigba. From Delta State.

He was one of the Bingham University students that were expelled in 2013 when an investigation into gays in the school was carried out. The scandal was pretty intense at the time. He goes by several aliases while setting guys up. His name on Truecaller is Yazid. As cool as he may look, as part of the gay community as he may seem, this guy is someone who is NOT to be trusted.

Written by Highlander

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  1. Black Dynasty
    November 02, 05:51 Reply

    Well, at least you left uninjured and not harassed. The things he took are easily replaceable.

    The first red flag should have been enough when he skipped out on you. Second red flag with seeing all the guys at his place etc.

    Folks, please trust your instincts abeg. This could have been much worse.

    • Pink Panther
      November 02, 05:57 Reply

      This can’t be stressed enough. If it stinks, chances are there’s shit on the other side of the door. Trust your instincts.
      And in most cases like this, the red signs are usually there at the beginning. And often ignored, because, konji.

  2. Mandy
    November 02, 06:21 Reply

    So you drive a Highlander and you’ve got up to 15k in your wallet…
    And you followed a hookup who skipped out on you on your first date all the way to his turf in the slums?

    Look, what he did to you was undeserved. But honestly, guys, common sense is there for a reason. It’s hard to empathize with you when you ignored all the signs that were there to save you from this thievery.

    But thank you for exposing him.

  3. Mike
    November 02, 06:56 Reply

    So sorry for what happen. @Mandy you can’t blame the guy for what happened. Things like this you don’t easily expect it. After he gave the excuse, what if he was telling the truth you won’t know.

    • Colossus
      November 02, 17:43 Reply

      For two hours? Oh C’mon, that was a huge red flag right there

  4. Kritzmoritz
    November 02, 07:47 Reply

    I am actually trying to understand.
    I really am.
    But with all the signs…
    Suffice to say, common sense ain’t that common after all.

  5. Mike
    November 02, 07:53 Reply

    Someone like me that is looking for hookup won’t get, it’s all those useless kito that can get.

  6. Zoe
    November 02, 09:13 Reply

    I know this guy very well. His father is a pastor in a Redeemed church in first there if that is even true. He is a very active choirester there.
    I almost had such encounter with him. Made away with the money for the hotel but I didn’t mind. Dutse is a den of kitos. I know the place he took you to. That house in that slum. Maro is a rogue and a liar. I am sorry you had to experience such from him.
    That house and journey alone should have discouraged you from going but it is what it is. Just be more careful next time and avoid meeting people around dutse bcoz they are all Friends and that house is where they meet.
    Karma is surely coming for them

  7. Cj
    November 02, 09:41 Reply

    Who doesn’t know Maro in Abuja?

      • Pink Panther
        November 02, 19:02 Reply

        😂😂😂😂 Your Abuja is not the same as everybody else’s Abuja

  8. Delle
    November 02, 09:47 Reply

    Oh wow! This guy has actually chatted me up before.

    Thank God for my chat-does-not-mean-we-will-meet life 😂.

    You ignored all the signs and that just takes away the empathy I could have felt for you. You’re lucky though. Sin no more.

  9. ROCK
    November 02, 09:51 Reply

    This Konji must be strong oooo.
    Maybe I am the only one that does not feel it like this?
    Like Konji makes you see all the signs and still fling common sense away?
    O dikwa egwu.
    Some dumps you in the middle of nowhere,doesn’t pick your calls and you still accept a second date from them?
    No wonder they see gays as retards sometimes.
    Don’t get me wrong.i see these guys as the lowest sum of the earth but
    How do you fall for this?
    Even sef..
    Why not take the guy to your own place or a hotel?
    Are you an idiot?
    I read the story with growing annoyance.
    Someone pls tell me it really didn’t happen
    Did this guy just land from Alaska?
    And u had all that on you cash,watch etc..
    And u r talking about lessons learnt
    Lol.i don’t think you learnt any ziltch yet.

    • Kobe
      November 02, 10:46 Reply

      @ ROCK, you can actually blame him without sounding so terribly crass!

      • ROCK
        November 02, 12:33 Reply

        I am sure CRASS is a new word you learnt and want to use so badly.
        I was even being nice.
        We all should do better.

    • Resus
      November 02, 16:20 Reply

      That’s a mighty fine high horse you have there. I know he made mistakes but who doesn’t? You can actually empathise without coming off as a pompous self righteous ass you know. Just saying

      • ROCK
        November 02, 18:47 Reply

        Pompous self righteous?
        Guess we sound the same.

    • Resus
      November 02, 16:23 Reply

      And in your abundant wisdom you actually asked why he didn’t take the guy to his own house? Really? REALLY?!! Mr smartypants.

  10. Einstein
    November 02, 09:55 Reply

    But… How can a guy of your status follow someone to his house? From your story, you well-to-do. At least, you’ve got a ride(a Highlander), u also mentioned u had 15k in ur wallet… Bros, shouldn’t you have looked for a cheap hotel or a guest house? Guest houses in Abuja charge as low as 3/4k per day, depending on the area.

    He even showed u signs that he was not to be trusted, during ur 1st meeting… Yet you still gave yourself in a second time… 😨

    You weren’t smart at all… Even one bit 😰

    • ROCK
      November 02, 12:38 Reply

      I tell you.it puzzles me.Maybe they are also using jazz?

    • Lanree
      November 04, 19:22 Reply

      Where in Abuja r the 3k hotels biko

  11. Bee
    November 02, 10:53 Reply

    You guys could be nice, at least. Not everyone gay Nigerian reads KD. Not everyone wants to. Not everyone knows. As they say, experience is the best teacher.

    Anyway, I don’t know what it’s like to be kitoed and I really respect y’all that have survived such. God knows why I met KD before Grindr; I’d die if I’m ever kitoed.

    • Keredim
      November 02, 11:08 Reply

      Sounds to me like he knew of KD before this misadventure

  12. Heineken
    November 02, 10:54 Reply

    Lesson learnt.. I have always advised guys to try upgrade, try develop feelings for guys within ur age bracket.. Kids can kito you and get away with it because they know u can’t cough thinking about what people will say about u moving with boys young enough to be ur son or kid brothers. My candid opinion though

    • J
      November 03, 00:02 Reply

      Agist! I disagree with you and your mentality! It’s about preference and attraction. So me that I’m attracted to older people shouldn’t be given the chance because I am young and have the tendency of kitoing? Excuse me 🙄

  13. Keredim
    November 02, 11:06 Reply

    With all the warning signs, which by the way were not gay specific, this is not kito …….

    It’s natural selection

  14. Unbothered
    November 02, 11:24 Reply

    The thing with us is that we sometimes do ourselves. All in an attempt to ‘hoard market’ we don’t verify pictures with friends. As much as you can, don’t go to people’s house on a first date. Hang out in public places, have a good chat, if he’s not worth keeping as an acquaintance then don’t meet again. Show pictures with your close friends if you suspects set up. Check him up on social media to get a clue into what he’s into.
    Most times we see these signs but Wetin we won chop no dey allow us get sense.

  15. Canis VY Majoris
    November 02, 12:16 Reply

    This happened…despite all the signs the Rainbow Goddess showed you from the beginning?🤨

    Pele sir. Sigh.

  16. Paris hilton BFF
    November 02, 12:38 Reply

    WOw just wow. This guy chatted me up on badoo sometime ago. He was litreally begging for me to invite him to my house. Thank God I didn’t for some reason.
    Now back to this story I’m sorry but its almost like the Guy was asking to be Kitoed. I refused to believe someone with access to a gay whatsapp group and Nigerian gay sites will be so naive.

  17. Sinnex
    November 02, 13:46 Reply

    Reading this story, all I can say is that ‘it could have been me’.

    I know this guy very well.

    Started chatting with him since 2013 or so, never met him until end of 2015, luckily for me he came to my house in Abuja and didn’t take anything. Oh, I think I gave him transport or so.

    My experience in 2016 in Lagos, to be precise Magbon, along Badagry road could have been worse. I was running a programme along that axis, he buzzed me and told me he was around in a friend’s place. I went to the house in the middle of nowhere, he was smoking as usual and wanted sex. I wasn’t in the mood and all, so I went to the bathroom and left my wallet in the room. When I get back we lelft the house together and I didn’t bother checking my wallet. It was when I was in the bus that I noticed my 5h…thank God for that…was no longer in my wallet. I was thankful that he left 200 naira for me to pay my transport. I sent him a message and asked him if he took money from my wallet, he denied and that was the end.

    Looking back, I am thankful that I was really broke and didn’t have anything on me, and nothing happened to me. It surprises me that this guy is a church boy. He sings in concerts and all.

    Anyone can set anyone up. I decided to meet the guy because I had met him earlier in my house. At this point, it is safe to say that no one is safe.

    • Delle
      November 03, 08:55 Reply

      Me, I’ve always wondered how you’ve never been kitoed with all your wild choices and the kind of guys you would rather grace your bed.

      Your ‘chi’ is shaa strong

  18. Noble
    November 02, 13:59 Reply

    I can only imagine the stress dude went through only to be robbed… Tell me it’s metaphysical.

  19. J
    November 02, 17:19 Reply

    I see guys with flat asses being chased, but with all these my bubbles I don’t get chased? He’s skinny, skinny bag of theft 😂

  20. Omiete
    November 02, 17:24 Reply

    People like are this are just evil. And to think that he even wanted to give him some money. His time is coming

    • J
      November 02, 17:52 Reply

      Highlander obviously likes the guy for him to go back again… A gay and a thief plus a church boy? Chai

  21. Cocent
    November 02, 20:55 Reply

    Highlander, in the midst of this calamitous situation, what I really see is that you are such a nice person who chooses to see the good in everyone regardless of what they’ve done offering a chance at redemption and amendment. Don’t mind the people blaming you. You are a good person and husband material 1million yards. Please let’s somehow get in touch. The world would be a better place if everyone was like you. I’m really sorry for what happened. You may have lost valuable possessions but ultimately it’s the guy’s loss. Imagine if he had given the two of you a chance at something more, he’d be the better for it. At the end you were victorious. Wishing you the best. I’m serious let’s get in touch. Pinkpanther epp me abeg…

    • J
      November 02, 23:50 Reply

      You want enter Highlander abi? 😂

      • Francis
        November 04, 00:19 Reply

        😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    • J
      November 02, 23:58 Reply

      Coco dear, in this life people only reveal their good aspects to the world… They only paint the good parts, play the victims and always seeking for consolation approval and praises, but hey when you jam the person for real, na for there your eyes go clear.

      • Cocent
        November 03, 06:18 Reply

        LOL! You’re right. Not everything appears as it seems. But them again, I’m looking for a BF. Where better to try I think than KD?

        • J
          November 03, 07:59 Reply

          Don’t worry you will meet a good guy soon. They come when you stop looking for them,
          and please wait for them to come to you. Chase no one, it comes with a whole lot of heartache… BTW I don’t think there are good guys on KD 😉

          • Delle
            November 03, 09:01 Reply

            “They come when you stop looking for them. Wait for them to come to you”

            Such baloney!

            What kind of conditioned reasoning is this? Why should he wait for them to come to him when he has a functional brain to go after those he fancies? Is this that horrid idea guys have that there should be ‘chasers’ and ‘chasees’? An idea that panders to heteronormativity?

            You keep lamenting about your singledom, J, maybe you just found out the reason why.

            @Cocent, when you see that guy you fancy, the one your heart skips for, you owe it to yourself to try. It doesn’t reduce the power of your semen.

            • J
              November 03, 09:39 Reply

              Don’t get me wrong Delle, some people misunderstand appreciation for desperation. I think attraction should be mutual, otherwise the other party might suffer emotionally. With the chasing thing? It’s from a personal experience and I will always work with it, I will never walk up to someone unless they walk up to me.

          • Mike
            November 06, 04:22 Reply

            They are a lot of good guys on kd. I won’t say am 100% good but honestly I have been searching for a good relationship not those ones that would end in 3 weeks or less @coco email me on ayubausijua@gmail.com

  22. Dickson Clement
    November 02, 21:50 Reply

    I am greatly tempted to toll the line of @Rock but we are humans and hormonal surges sometimes seal our clear reasoning. However, the lessons were learnt and your instincts will be razor sharp the next time.
    Also, please do not drive a highlander to ghettoes when you want to see the hood rats, it’s a bitter spite on the class of the Brand you drive- (lols)
    Finally, he took your dick hook line sinker?-
    Okay bye

  23. Dre
    November 02, 22:00 Reply

    I’m sorry you had to go through all that, but I feel the writing was on the wall from the start. Sometimes you need to think with your head and not your dick.

  24. Cjay
    November 02, 23:49 Reply

    Emm.. Abuja is gradually becoming a hub for kitoers too.. This is quite lengthy, but please read.

    I met a guy on social media some months ago (we shared pictures and locations), but from the way he chatted, one could easily tell all he wanted was for us to meet up and have sex, that wasn’t entirely what I wanted, so we ended the conversation..

    Now fast-forward to last week, I met another guy with the same Location and the same landmark Of a very popular school in Abuja, and this guy looks nothing like the first one I already chatted with.

    I already looked him up EVERYWHERE!, facebook, IG, Truecaller.. Just name it.. And he doesn’t really have any mutual friends with me and he kinda lied about his profession.

    I asked for us to meet in public, and he strongly declined.

    Oo well.. I guess the fear of kitoers is the beginning of SENCE for some of us.

    • Keredim
      November 03, 09:02 Reply

      Now fast-forward to last week, I met another guy with the same Location and the same landmark Of a very popular school in Abuja, and this guy looks nothing like the first one I already chatted with.

      So more than one gay person can’t live in the same location?😳

  25. KingBey
    November 03, 03:45 Reply

    A case of theft can happen at anywhere. He was bent on stealing from you. He could have still done it even if you took him to a hotel. Would have been worse too if it were your house. Thieves are everywhere. Not just in Nigeria. Even in so-called Obodo Oyibo. But it’s still about knowing whom you’re meeting. Maybe you could have avoided this if you had asked about this person before meeting him. Also meeting random strangers from sex hookup sites is still a high risk action so be ready to bear the consequences as log long as you’re still doing it. Other shit can happen too.

  26. Dimkpa
    November 03, 10:00 Reply

    I find this attitude of blaming a kito victim, disturbing. He only wanted to hook up which is something not alien to us. There’s a risk anytime you go to meet someone for a hook up. Are we saying that there’s no good gay person living in a slum?

    We should empathise.
    He was simply unlucky.
    Could he have been more careful? Probably.
    However not being careful is not enough reason for the terrible responses to his ordeal.

    He was the victim here. Blame the situation that makes it possible for people to see gay men as targets for such crimes. Blame the hopeless circumstance that makes victims of crime unable to get help from the law. But don’t blame the victim. It is misplaced anger.

    • Keredim
      November 03, 12:19 Reply


      I hear you, but the same reasons you mentioned are the same reasons people should have their wits about them before they become victims.

      What happened to highlander though unfortunate, could have been avoided after his first encounter with Maro.

      Sometimes adults need to take responsibility for the risks they take and the consequences thereof, especially in an obviously hostile environment.

    • Black Dynasty
      November 03, 21:45 Reply

      This is not blaming a kito victim for being robbed, this is telling him he was careless as hell despite the multiple warning signs clearer than the sun in front of him. It had little to do with the slum and everything to do with the behaviour of the twat he hooked up with.

      We can blame the situation, laws and environment all we want, it does not change the fact that it is what it is, at this point in time.

      An antelope has every right to drink from the nearby river but if it’s careless, it will be devoured by whatever predator is on the prowl. The law of the jungle remains intact and until it is changed, tread with extreme caution.

  27. Sworld
    November 03, 11:23 Reply

    seeing a hook up with all of that? Money, car, gold ring n an expensive wrist watch?. Guess they worth nothing to you!. But honestly if you love your life, pls don’t try this again!. besides he seems nice not ripping you off finally!.
    it would have been another story entirely!.

    Guy your Konji strong gan o, you self no cum quick. Lmao.

    Stay bless and never turn blind eye to the Signs, cos it might cost you your life!

    • adichie
      November 04, 10:55 Reply

      Like low key. He would have taken your car and cards and passwords. Take God for your life and what you were able to leave with.

  28. CHUCK
    November 03, 17:17 Reply

    Ok, but when are we arresting Maro? Or is he going free?
    No one can get a squad of soldiers or Naval persons to go attack that house?

    Please! Thanks

    • Pankar
      November 13, 08:04 Reply

      Truly, no one involves the law enforcement simply BC they are gsy. I’ve prepared and packaged many lgbt cases. Once u are the complainant and with some little cash, even if along the case line it is mentioned you are gay, you deny it an until after the case entered is finished and some one else decides to report you on being gay, they will be focusing entirely on the case of extortion, which u reported

  29. Jesu boy
    November 03, 17:48 Reply

    Please story annoyed me.
    Too many red flags and too much foolishness.
    They will say it’s konji. In 2018? Have you been living under a rock?? You were practically begging to be assaulted…jesu!

  30. What Did I Just Read
    November 03, 19:22 Reply

    Where should I start from?
    You’ve seen the guy once.
    He gave you red flag. In fact red banner.
    Then you went back.
    What are you? 16?
    See the guy sef. Uglier than a lizard’s tongue.
    Is he using juju ni?
    Wait. So when you finally fucked, you drove, your mighty jeep, inside that potopoto village full of desperately poor people, and your spider senses didn’t stop you?
    And you were wearing gold watch, carrying cash, plus your two phones?
    What are you?
    Wait. Maybe you’re one of those who come to KD to hook up. Not to get sense. Cos I saw how you used that expression in the first paragraph. You said you met to hook up. They are not the same thing again?
    See ehn, don’t let anybody lie to you,
    You are not a good person, you don’t have sense, and you are a liability to yourself.
    Anybody that sugar coats it hates you.
    You could be dead now and they won’t even find your body.
    Please someone should admit this unbelievably careless gay grown up working class Nigerian of 2018 into counseling or even quarantine, and save us further trouble.

    • Delle
      November 04, 01:26 Reply

      Is it possible you get yourself a glass of cold juice? You need something cool and sweet did all that hot bitterness.

      Sigh. You’ll be fine.

      • Kerry
        November 13, 08:06 Reply

        That’s exactly how u sound ,didn’t u know?

  31. Yazz Soltana
    November 04, 00:03 Reply

    Person wey get cap no get head oooo.
    In this same Abuja where I stay..
    When I’ve been looking someone throughout the holidays to disvirgin me.
    But for my morbid fear of Grindr…
    Hope you didn’t Sha do missionary with him because that his not a face to gaze into…
    Anyways stay safe …
    P.S he’s father his a pastor.. say no more
    Pastor’s families are always dysfunctional…
    Many live double lifes and consciously or unconciously destroy their childrens lifes through excessive strictness, beating,hypocrisy, and hatefulness..

  32. Francis
    November 04, 00:25 Reply

    Hmmmm, aaaw old faces really came out for this one. Biko make una no scarce again., 😊😊😊

  33. Dammy
    November 04, 09:34 Reply

    ..had a similar experience with him also, buh dats story for another day.

  34. Adichie
    November 04, 10:51 Reply

    But let me understand. You drive a highlander, your BB is a small phone to you, you carry 15k around and your Guess wristwatch is a small thing to you. Then I will say you are well to do. Why didn’t you just do a hotel with him (I will assume you didn’t want to come off as rude) . The moment you saw it was a slum. You could have turned back and gone to a hotel at least if you fuck him finish what time will he cohorts reach the hotel. Or your place (which I am happy you didn’t take him to)
    But konji makes the dick think better.
    Sorry for the loss

  35. mike
    November 05, 12:48 Reply

    He just wanted to show off, its like his literally begging to be kitoed, again self.
    Everyone is desperate bros, when yhu get to certain age, no matter how rich and mighty yhu are, cold suppose pour yhu.
    The typa guys on kd that kito people is very funny, can’t iimagine that kitoing a human being.

    He probably didn’t like yhu, upon yhur wealth cause his gay, full time. Ran into his company in mist of some guys, for some reason he wanted to sing the whole place down.
    I don’t think this should be labelled as a kito honestly, are yhu ugly, old or something?. I ask cause the world is a small place, I know people he has met, no one complained abt him, and this company of market women like to gossip.

    Better luck next tym, to me I feel yhu were literally begging for it.

    • CHUCK
      November 05, 13:49 Reply

      LOL what is this? How poor and jealous is this Mike? Please write a kito alert on this Mike too.

    • Delle
      November 06, 09:36 Reply

      I was going to give you a good reading but then I realised reading your comment was a chore so already you have a lot going on.

      Please having sense isn’t an achievement.

    • Yazz Soltana
      November 07, 21:57 Reply

      Please is this Mike safe , the gag of the century would be, being kitoed thru kitodiaries

      • Delle
        November 08, 12:11 Reply

        I swear. Never seen anything creepier.

        • Mike
          November 09, 08:44 Reply

          Yes it is creepy but I rather do this than kito someone

      • Mike
        November 09, 08:43 Reply

        Oh really? I can’t and won’t do that. Why the fuck would I even kito my fellow gay guy. I would have dropped my ig username but I can’t do that here tbh

  36. Styles
    November 26, 20:27 Reply

    Guys this guy is more than what y’all know, first his Father died of heart attack after they caught him having sex with a guy in his father’s car in the Church were his father was Pastoring, secondly he get expelled from school cos of gay scandal, and he’s also HIV positive, that’s if he’s managing it well, if not he should be aids patient by now

    This guy has no regard for human, he doesn’t think like one anyway

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