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Random Questions XII

Do kiss and tell, guys. 😀 Related

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What They Say…

This is a Facebook update of someone who I have no idea about his sexuality. However, whether he’s gay, bi or straight, that doesn’t matter to me. What matters is

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13 Pictures You Can Relate To If You’ve Dated A Bisexual Man

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  1. Bain
    June 07, 07:27 Reply

    Stones and sticks may break my bone,but words can’t hurt me (especially when those words are coming an attention seeking prick)

  2. ambivalentone
    June 07, 08:39 Reply

    Omo, the lines faded into one thing. This guy is most assuredly daft.

  3. Silly Anonymous
    June 07, 08:42 Reply

    This one’s stupid is showing. it’s showing so much I feel so cerebral!

  4. Henry
    June 07, 09:39 Reply

    Wow, dis guy seriously needs education. Still comparing homosexuality with bestiality n thinking sexual orientation is a life decision like career choices or residential area decision. “Homophobes re your true friends”….wtf…. People that wud giv anything to see u dead. “They help keep ur sanity” tell that to d loved ones of lgbt guys that av committed suicide or re dealing with a lot of depression due to too much hate. This write up is totally bull.

  5. Khaleesi
    June 07, 10:09 Reply

    Damn!! I wonder what went wrong in Ivan Lawson’s life to have made him such a hate-filled worm, full of venom and dark bitterness … His choice and use of language indicate that he possesses significant amounts of intellectual power but for the deep dark pits of bitterness that exists within him …..

  6. Canis VY Majoris
    June 07, 13:35 Reply

    Well good thing it’s not up to him. Neither is it up to anyone really. Change will always come.

  7. Faxero
    June 07, 14:32 Reply

    There was a time when blacks were seen as animals. Now the world has evolve to the extent that the black s are now recognised as a race. Also, in our African society especially in Nigeria. It was an abominable act for a human woman to give birth to twin. Its just time, the world will learn to accept the LGBTQ. Just like the analogy I gave previously.

  8. beejay
    June 07, 18:55 Reply

    I’ve never seen a more bigoted and shallow approach at reproachful argument in my entire life, and one that totally excludes religion-based sentiments at that! What a big fat waste of human space that one!

  9. Rich
    June 07, 19:18 Reply

    You can tell how mentally sound he claims to be. Iranu!

  10. Quinn
    June 07, 21:45 Reply

    So I skimmed through this v quickly, with out taking offence, one word. Bullshit! and bye! ?

  11. Foxydevil
    June 07, 21:55 Reply

    He said some truths and said some fallacies.
    There is no excuse for homophobia at the same most people would rather want to be straight.

  12. Yazz Soltana
    June 07, 22:31 Reply

    words only have power to the extent that you give them , nigger is a compliment now , bitch is on its way to that status, once you own the name it has no negative effect again….

    once again i remain your one and only dick loving ,arse licking ,gay ass faggot….

  13. doe eyed monster
    June 13, 05:40 Reply

    The part where he says we should ask ur straight supportive friends if they would want their children to be gay is true.. Most won’t say yes. They would start making excuses

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