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Screenshot_2015-08-04-22-02-09I can’t. I just can’t. I suppose, this is also an indirect sub at all those who decide in their latent years to start living their lives according to their own dictates (Caitlyn Jenner, anyone?). Sure, there may be lives that’d get upset by such decisions, but in the end, your life is yours to live and your happiness yours to seek.

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  1. yinkss
    August 08, 05:37 Reply

    You are right but it’s not that simple. It’s better to live ur life the way you want early than in your later years . If you want to get married (to opposite sex) and have kids then be ready to face the consequences. And if you don’t want to get married too or marry your heart desire and adopt, that’s great.
    What I don’t support is this type of caitlyn jenner people. I just find them selfish. I mean what about the kids involve ? How will they feel about ur decision? Most likely unhappy.
    I’m gay but still in the closet but if I ever have the courage to come out to my family and get married to my heart desire, I’ll be happy.
    On the other hand, if I decide to marry a woman and have kids, then I should bear the consequences by staying faithful to my wife and making my children happy. I think doing otherwise e.g leaving them later cos I think I now find the courage to live my life is selfish and not fair to them especially the kids.
    Being a parent simply means placing your children happiness over yours .
    So what ever decision u want to make, think thoroughly abt it cos once family is involve i.e wife and kids, that should be the end. My opinion.

    • Ringlana
      August 08, 07:52 Reply

      I don’t even know what to. Tell you,or u Just want to Comment?

      • yinkss
        August 08, 08:31 Reply

        It’s just my PERSONAL opinion. You don’t have to agree with it. That doesn’t mean you should insinuate that wat I said is rubbish.

    • KryxxX
      August 08, 08:31 Reply

      And you really think its that easy? Suppressing those emotions nd feelings like it doesnt exist for d rest of ur life?
      Oh wow! I guess I need to meet you for tutorials! Or better still, just write a book nd save a whole lot of us from being tagged “confused”.

      Max would so love ur comment.

      • yinkss
        August 08, 08:58 Reply

        You should have thought abt how easy it is before making a choice. All I’m saying is you can’t eat your cake and have it. Do u want to please the society or please yourself? But once you make a choice, have enough integrity to stick with it. Listen, I’m not trying to say u shouldn’t give in to your feelings once in a while and have fun, even though it’s adultery , who am I to judge? BUT I still think it’s very wrong of you to now decide years later, that you want to live your dream. What about your wife? What’s is it her fault that you initially cave in to society and marry her?So why should she suffer the consequences by being a divorcee especially in Nigeria that it is a stigma to be one. Or what about the children you chose to father? Why should they suffer too . Afterall you made the choice not them, they didn’t force you. So right now do whatever you think will make you happy but think it through and be ready to face any consequence that results from it. Cos there is no getting out.

        • Max
          August 08, 10:13 Reply

          Applause @ Yinks.. Marry a Lady and stick with it forever bearing the pain and whatever that comes with it. Or stay single. Its just that simple. Seeing married men who chase small boys is the most disgusting thing ever.
          I hate married people who cheat, both gay and straight.

    August 08, 07:50 Reply

    Still thinking on the marriage issue!. don’t blame the MGM.. Its not easy

  3. Williams
    August 08, 08:09 Reply

    This is coinciding with the period in which there is more global awareness and ?tolerance about the #LGBTQI community.You can’t judge the lady much on her timing.She’s probably been on the road to this for sometime and this turns out to be her appropriate time!

  4. Henrie
    August 08, 08:41 Reply

    How Nigerians easily used the word ‘confused’ on everyone who doesn’t agree with their expectations is irritating.

  5. Colossus
    August 08, 11:20 Reply

    So those people know nigerian lesbians? Each person that liked that post and those that commented, they all know one nigerian lesbian or the other? OK, no problem.

  6. kacee
    August 08, 13:35 Reply

    Bura-Bari Nwilo what kind of name is that, hmm u don’t judge some women because they have their reasons for marrying a man.

  7. phemmi
    August 10, 20:01 Reply

    @yinkss…you are absolutely spot on with ur opinion…

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