Finally, A Lesbian Series To Debut On Kito Diaries

Finally, A Lesbian Series To Debut On Kito Diaries

When Kito Diaries was birthed, I worried about a number of things; chief among them was content. I feared that the Nigerian gay community would be too afraid, too anxious, to shy of the public to want to share its stories, even though the readership would be fellow members of the community and maybe the odd non-member. In fact, a few people I approached to share their stories for KD turned me down flat. Lol.

That changed however with time. A few friends shared. And then, a few strangers shared. And the trickle gradually increased to a steady flow.

But all these stories and experiences shared have been predominantly homosexual, with the very, VERY occasional lesbian article and the nonexistent transgender stories. And so, all this krikum-krakum is just long story to introduce the fact that a sister wants to do what brothers have been doing here on KD for nearly two years; which is to pen a lesbian series. It’s titled Lesbians Of Lagos (LOL), and according to the writer, it’ll be fiction peppered by real life experiences. It’ll debut in two weeks’ time, upon the finale of an ongoing series.

There’s also other new material coming to KD.

Awhile ago, someone in the comments section said something about a doctor’s column on KD, where a medically-inclined KDian would share bits of his medical knowledge for the benefit of the readership. This commenter said this, and I took note of it. And began watching our doctors. I just siddon-ed one place and was watching them and watching them, and was about to roll my eyes and release an ‘Mscheewww’ of disgust, when Francis stepped forward to save the KDian healthcare population from my wrath.

Yes, his medical series titled Heath Centre will debut alongside LOL in two weeks’ time.

And for those who quickly became big fans of the erstwhile Egyptian series, well, here’s good news for you. From The Rising Of The Sun is making a comeback. So yea, Sundays are about to get a lot more interesting (Sorry, James, you know I’ll still stan for your journals)

And while I’m still on this stage making all these announcements, I’d like to send a shout-out to Chuck. Bro, I’m still waiting on that piece you and I know you want to write concerning your take on Christianity and Homosexuality. KDians like to say that is an overflogged issue, but don’t mind them jaré. You have such incisive opinions I’d like to be seen outside the comments section. Plus, it’s just not a good day for me when people stop thinking I’m the illuminati sent here to foment controversy for Nigerian Christians.

In the same vein, I want to thank and reassure all those who send in individual stories to me, expecting to get published at once. (Delle, I see you) Every story I get and have no immediate return-to-sender response for will get published. I appreciate the efforts to entertain and educate the rest of us with your daily lives and experiences.

The brand of Kito Diaries is embedded in the fact that we don’t only report daily LGBT-and-otherwise occurrences both home and abroad; our brand is in how we have personalized this forum with our stories. Let’s endeavour to keep that brand up this 2016.

Pink Panther

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    • JArch
      January 13, 09:09 Reply

      King Mufasa what kind of grease are you referring to?

      KY,astroglide or vaseline


  1. R.A
    January 13, 06:21 Reply

    And that was how pinky blessed my day. Yass Lawd!!!!

  2. ken
    January 13, 06:31 Reply

    LOL: Lesbians on the Loose! Lol

    This should be very exciting…..lemme start sharpening my mouth. Kikikikikikiki 🙂

  3. Rev; Hot
    January 13, 06:42 Reply

    LESBIANS IN LAGOS…. Now that sounds like something I would just looooooooooove!!!!! Oitnb, anyone?

    This year in KD is gonna ROCK!

  4. ambivalentone
    January 13, 08:31 Reply

    Sensei, please can I have your email? I need some pretty important information…or at least direction to that pretty important information. Thanks a lot

  5. Colossus
    January 13, 08:40 Reply

    Finally! I’ll get to know what doing the scissors mean.

  6. Max 2.0
    January 13, 09:26 Reply

    Even though I’m not a fan of p*ssy and don’t care about what two women do under the sheets, this would be a nice addition to the torrent of stories here which I can hardly keep up with these days..

    • Colossus
      January 13, 09:32 Reply

      Oh thank God. I was beginning to think I was the only one not able to keep up.

  7. Kester
    January 13, 09:29 Reply

    Doing the scissors? Eeeewww I know you know what it is all about. There is nothing scissorsy or sharp about it. Just hope the series will not have sex scenes that are higher than PG rated
    Honestly what two women do in bed or standing or whenever the Konji spirit possesses them I really would not want to know

    • Colossus
      January 13, 09:34 Reply

      Why shouldn’t it have sex scenes? The stories of men that we’ve been reading up in here, they also have sex scenes.
      Well, I do want to know. It would make for a fascinating read.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      January 13, 09:36 Reply

      But everyday you expect the women to read about our trysts with men?

      It’s very funny how easily we can be discriminatory without even realising we are

      • Wayfaring Stranger
        January 13, 10:05 Reply

        It’s irritatingly exhausting. I don’t get how people can be so tactless.

      • Keredim
        January 13, 10:16 Reply

        DM, this is small.

        I expect one or two people (or a two in one person), in the spirit of “speaking their mind”, “being politically incorrect” and be seen as “non-conformist” & “maverick” to openly express unsolicited disdain for lesbians. ?

      • pete
        January 13, 11:15 Reply

        Beat me to it. Such comments should be filed under the ‘no post’ folder.

    • thatgaycousin
      January 13, 12:32 Reply

      Last time I checked this is a LGBTQ+ community and not just secluded to one side of the Umbrella. I am sorry if we might disgust you, but remember, we don’t really care what you think. I have been reading amazing stories about menxmen on here and I always enjoy them, guess why? The stories are amazing, and I skip parts I don’t enjoy and stay silent.

      1- Lesbians are not your fetish and we are beyond the sex (to the person excited about sciossoring)

      2- Don’t be so rude, everyone has their own story to tell (to the person jumping at the mention of girls doing their own thing)

      3- Thanks to everyone being nice, I really hope the story can carry on and more people are not turned off by the idea. Keep up the great work KD, always loyal to read and share with the few people I know in the community 🙂

  8. Eddie
    January 13, 10:31 Reply

    Shame on you,Kester….. shame!….and i’m saying this with feeling!

  9. Dennis Macaulay
    January 13, 10:58 Reply

    At the end of the day gay men are still Men first before they are gay and like most men everything has to be about them. I never thought we would still bring male privilege to the gayborhood!

    You don’t care what two women do under the sheets, you don’t want to read about it. Yet everyday we share our escapades here and the women read as well without complaining about “dick” and without asking us not to tell them what we do underneath the sheets.

    Gay men are often transphobic, bi-phobic, lesbo-phobic, which is a shame really! Someone yesterday described Nigerian lesbians as an “igbo smoking lot”. See let’s scrap the term LGBTI and retain only the G component, because there is no need really.

    I am ashamed and disappointed at some of you, you have to rise above this!

    • Delle
      January 13, 15:31 Reply

      I think you deserve an MTN hug right now for this comment!

  10. michael
    January 13, 12:04 Reply

    I was going to take after Denis and start my own journal but my numerous gramatical errors won’t let me… *sigh*

  11. sinnex
    January 13, 12:08 Reply

    About time.

    Kacee and Django, food is ready!

  12. Teflondon
    January 13, 12:17 Reply

    Excited for the blog, its truly growing… Somewhat!

  13. KingBey
    January 13, 14:09 Reply

    Not a fan of lesbians. So I will pass…. ???

    • Delle
      January 13, 15:47 Reply

      This comment should be deleted…really!

  14. Dickson Clement
    January 13, 14:46 Reply

    I’d really love to read this LOL series. I love listening and reading about people. Understanding human nature is something difficult and it’s only when we interact and hear about people that we could try to understand and know them. Knowledge itself can never be exhausted and we can never stop learning! I don’t know how the lesbians operate, I can’t tell who a lesbian is, so let us start reading.

  15. Delle
    January 13, 15:35 Reply

    If I say I’m happy about this development, I’m just shaming my emotions…I’m ECSTATIC! I can’t even explain how I feel. Thinking of it now, it could be one of my two sweet friends that has decided 2 take on this mantle…aaarrrggghhh!!! So happy! Thanks PP

    About my entries, lol PP…I thought they got spammed *smirks*

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