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Random Questions: About Denying Your Service To A Homophobe

Someone posed this question in a Facebook group I belong to, and the responses ranged from swift affirmation to guarded indulgence. “Would you deny a homophobe your professional services?” was

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What heteronormative nonsense is this?

It still boggles my mind when people feminize themselves or their partners based on the sexual roles they play. Women are attempting to unshackle themselves from sexism, and gay men

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The Savage Response To The Woman Who Condemns Homosexuality With The Bible Book Of Leviticus

In her radio show, Dr Laura Schlessinger (pictured above) said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22, and cannot be condoned under any

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  1. Francis
    June 14, 06:17 Reply

    I think I’ll try to adopt this approach. Stop debating homophobia and just use the block button.

  2. Beryl04
    June 14, 12:36 Reply

    Most homophobes are because of ignorance so,why leave them to wallow in such ignorance and thereby perpetuate hate? Best to engage them in constructive debates to enlighten them and steer them towards the path of tolerance. I say engage,debate and educate as most doesn’t even understand the concept of human sexuality. Heck a lot of gays don’t!

    • Francis
      June 14, 15:58 Reply

      E just be like say make I siddon dey debate racism with white people or feminism sef. Deep down, they get it but mba they are just not ready to let go of their power

  3. Dunamis
    June 14, 13:58 Reply

    Exactly block their homophobic asses…
    Nonsense n homophobia…

  4. Eric
    June 15, 11:25 Reply

    “It is not up to you to debate whether you acknowledge or like the existence of another human being.”….Preach!!!

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