Gay-for-pay solo performer says he regrets his past, can’t find a girlfriend or job

Gay-for-pay solo performer says he regrets his past, can’t find a girlfriend or job

We’ve all done things we later regretted. If we’re lucky, we learn from our mistakes and move on. But what happens when you can’t move on because the Internet won’t let you? That’s what ex-amateur-gay-for-pay solo performer Michael Hoffman wants to know.

“I lose girl after girl,” Hoffman says in a video posted on Twitter. “I can’t land a relationship.”

Four years ago, Hoffman was at the top of his game. He was known as the young, hot, tatted-up bodybuilder who posted a series of solo videos to a number of pay-for-view gay sites and raked in tens of thousands of dollars.

The videos ranged from titillating to raunchy, and at least one featured Hoffman, who identifies as straight, alongside another guy.

But now, the young, 20-something ex-performer says his past professional decisions are seriously affecting his ability to find a job or girlfriend.

“My decision four years ago to start making videos has really fucked me up,” an older, wise Hoffman says. “I lose girl after girl. I can’t land a relationship. Can’t get a job. Can’t go anywhere. Can’t do anything. Every single person I meet finds out or knows about it, gets creeped out, doesn’t want to be fucking friends with me.”

We can’t help but wonder if that’s really because of the video or if, perhaps, Hoffman has some other character flaws he’s not disclosing. In any event, it’s been tough for him.

“My fucking life sucks,” he continues. “I regret everything I ever did. Everything. So fuck my life. Fuck my life, on the roof.”

Hoffman claims he was once paid $10,000 for 14 videos. Now, those same 14 videos only command $250, which is hardly a livable wage. On top of that, he says, he feels serious remorse over the people he hurt.

“I feel bad for a lot of people,” he says in another video. “I have screwed a lot of people over, and, it was not right of me at all. I’ve been going through a really, really rough time with my family, but that’s no excuse to fuck the people over.”

Hoffman is trying to put his past behind him and is currently training to become a tattoo artist. Here’s hoping he’s able to find peace with his situation.

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  1. Masked Man
    July 25, 05:39 Reply

    Emm, where are the links to his videos, especially the one featuring another guy?

    • Pink Panther
      July 25, 05:45 Reply

      Pornhub is your friend.
      But he didn’t do any shots with other guys. He was a solo performer.

  2. Masked Man
    July 25, 05:56 Reply

    “The videos ranged from titillating to raunchy, and at least one featured Hoffman, who identifies as straight, alongside another guy.”

    • Pink Panther
      July 25, 06:39 Reply

      They wanked together. At least that’s the one I know that featured someone else. Maybe there’s more.

  3. Bee
    July 25, 07:01 Reply

    Well… He could always find a guy to roll with… M all for grabs.

  4. Kenny
    July 25, 07:21 Reply

    So EVERY single person he’s met has rejected him because of his past? What about actual gay porn actors, those ones must be facing terrible ostracization then.

  5. quinn
    July 25, 11:58 Reply

    *in judge judy’s voice*…i don’t believe you!

  6. Black Dynasty
    July 27, 18:19 Reply

    Well, i want to say i feel bad for him… but i don’t.

    With each progressive generation, there seems to be more focus on the instant gratification and less about the consequences. People want money now without thinking how it’s going to affect their future

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