Gay Man Claps Back At Homophobic Straight Woman Who Tweeted The Photo Of Him Kissing His Partner

Gay Man Claps Back At Homophobic Straight Woman Who Tweeted The Photo Of Him Kissing His Partner

His name is Matt Midget and he’s not here to play. A least not with the kinds of Madam Jane, the straight woman on Twitter (I hear she’s Nigerian. Shocker.) who tweeted a photo of him kissing his partner along with the most ridiculous question of 2018.

She asked: “What will make a guy to be sexually attracted to another guy when there are fine girls all over the world looking for who to love them?”

Twitter got to her first, dragging her for all the edges she had.

And then, Matt came for his turn, and he went in hard. (No pun intended)

He comment-tweeted:

“I’ll answer, its me in the picture your infatuated by. You’ve chosen to speak in bad grammar, you’ve chosen penciled in eyebrows w/2much contour around them, you’ve chosen to wear bad wigs, & improperly installed lace fronts.

“I have chosen to love men, years of dating women like you, doing way too much, I connect with a man in a way I found peace. Not my fault if your still single looking for a mans love and can’t find it. Maybe stunts like this is why. Be blessed.”

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  1. Queen Blue Fox
    November 15, 07:25 Reply

    Yassssssssss! Oh lawd yasssssss!

  2. J
    November 15, 08:58 Reply

    The part about eye pencil, wigs was unnecessary… Sounds like bullying to me. But she deserves it though, she started it. No one will attack you if you don’t criticize them.

    • Delle
      November 15, 11:19 Reply

      After reading your second sentence, I am wondering why the comment as a whole exists.

      • J
        November 15, 14:18 Reply


  3. Tristan
    November 15, 09:38 Reply

    If you went to Twitter to check on his profile, come let’s take a selfie😃😃😃😄

  4. Dickson Clement
    November 15, 10:39 Reply

    I vaguely understand this lady’s frustration. Firstly, if I were a straight woman, I’d want all those deliciousness and when I realize they are gay- I’d feel like I’ve lost them those homos again! Unless someone or through deep personal development, I’ve come to understand sexuality and be more welcoming to other minorities. I may feel the same way but may not put it out there like she did! Imagine if those Kupe boys admit openly that they are gay- Instagram will be in a wild frenzy.
    Secondly, she probably believes homosexuality is limited to the effeminate or near effeminate men like the likes of….
    (Really,you expect me to mention someone?) So,it may be quite confusing to see hyper masculine men making out with such guts or invariably – reckless abandon.

    Finally, while her homophobic ass may be wondering out loud how and how not homosexuality works- I believe it is not always right to tear people down just because they are stupid enough to show their unenlightened perspectives. Sometimes you be kind too- (or shade them nicely)

    • Delle
      November 15, 11:21 Reply

      A face full of beards doesn’t make one hypermasculine.

      • J
        November 15, 14:23 Reply

        The guys aren’t even that cute, I bet they would both look like Smeagol without those beards 😄

        • K
          November 15, 15:33 Reply

          That was another unnecessary comment of yours, mate. Beauty is relative, and the guys look hot as fuck!!! Even if they are out of your beauty curve they found eachother and that is all that matters. I am sure you are a 2m tall, blond, blue eyes, colgate smile kind of guy that is not the cup of tea pf a lot of people out there as well, Gimly.

  5. Taalideem Crenshaw-Johnson
    November 15, 15:13 Reply

    I see a bunch of faceless profiles hiding behind keyboards, espousing the virtues of not bullying, yet are criticizingvthese gentleman about their looks. To the piece of shit known as J, please do reveal yourself so we can see wha a beauty prize you are. I’ll wait.

    • J
      November 15, 17:38 Reply

      Believe me I joke a lot, and I was only being sarcastic. I expected more from that guy. I know that everyone is good looking in their little way and no one should be made to feel bad about how they look or the kind of makeup they wear.

      You’re obviously miserable and a scumbag for calling me a despicable piece of shit. Your parents have failed in giving you a good home training. So sort yourself out and be very becareful. You could get away with me, but with someone? Your cranium is going to be broken.

      He bullied the lady, she was ignorant about same sex attraction and was asking a question that provoked him… He should have enlightened her about same-sex attraction and not to destroy her self-esteem. Bad wigs and eyeliners are obviously not the reason why he isn’t attracted to the opposite sex. Most gays are rude no doubt… A simple maturity and education can send some homophobes back to their caves. I have your name stick to my memory, don’t ever say shit to me if I don’t say shit to you.

      • Wonda Buoy
        November 15, 22:21 Reply

        I became disappointed from your second paragraph.

      • Malik
        November 16, 04:26 Reply

        You’re not even taking your advice. Your second paragraph espouses the rude gay stereotype that you pointed out yourself.

        You could have passed your point across without putting us off.

        P.S. I think you were making a good point all in all.

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