The collection ‘Bridged from paradise’ portrays the tale of a man who lives from the age of creation through to modern times. In every age, he finds himself fascinated by various elements akin to that age; the beauty of nature in creation, the dark nature of the Stone Age, the strength of the Iron Age and the mystery of the Modern Age. In this tale, these elements serve as a bridge linking the past to the present and presents an opportunity to explore everything held to heart by ‘The man who lives forever’.

The various elements are represented in the collection by the use of various floral prints, the use of dark colours, metal zippers and various other intricate details.IMG-20160617-WA017IMG-20160617-WA019IMG-20160617-WA021IMG-20160617-WA020IMG-20160617-WA018IMG-20160617-WA022IMG-20160617-WA023

You can place your orders for these designs by calling 070121910516 or emailing, or connect with the creations via Instagram @Jsq_by_dvoy