This is a story that doubles as a community service – my contribution to making the gay world safer and a better place, one gist at a time.

This kito story didn’t happen to me. It happened to my friend in this great, big metropolis called Lagos. Let’s call this friend of mine Matthew. Matthew had just lost his job at an insurance firm not so long ago. That situation dumped him into hard times pretty fast. And he had to manage his body, soul and mind.

Some days ago, he was on his way to Trade Fair, in the direction of Okokomaiko. There was a friend he was going to meet to get some money from. For the trip, he’d eked out N1,000, one that had already cost him N300 to get to his destination. But unfortunately, this friend of his didn’t have any money to give to him. The trip was a bust, and he had nowhere else to go to but back home.

On his way back, he engaged himself in a chat-versation with a guy he’d previously gotten to know from the dating site, Badoo, but was yet to meet. The guy’s Badoo name was ‘Verz’. As they chatted, Matthew mentioned that he was in Okokomaiko area, and ‘Verz’ promptly asked for a meet. According to him, he was in Abule-ado, which was in the same vicinity. So Matthew conceded to the idea of a meet, and decided to stop over to see the guy.

They met at the bus stop. And ‘Verz’ talked him into going home with him. He said he was the only one at home, and that he really needed sex. That line of persuasion worked. Matthew got turned on by the proposition, and the opportunity of a quick shag, and followed ‘Verz’ home. On their way, he got a little uneasy with how distant the house was, how waterlogged the streets were, and how slummy the area looked. But this is Lagos; half the mainland looked like this. Besides, he was in the mood to get his groove on. So he squashed his disquiet and followed after ‘Verz’.

Upon getting into the house, Matthew was startled out of his sexual haze by the presence of other males that instantly caved in on him. About four of them. All of them with menacing looks, and wielding knives and clubs. They slapped him around and ordered him to kneel, and went on to empty his pockets of his phone and all what-nots. As they robbed him, they threatened him, speaking of their intention to kill him as an act of revenge for a brother of theirs who was raped and killed by ‘faggots’ in Festac.

I know, a bit of a stretch, right? I had a hard time believing that myself when Matthew related his ordeal to me. At no time did Linda Ikeji carry such scandalous news of a male raped and murdered by gays on her blog, and that woman knows everything.

Anyhoo, back to my story…

The guys accused Matthew of being one of the ‘faggots’ that raped and murdered their brother, hence their intent to kill him. Matthew, of course, began to plead for mercy and denied any involvement in the act. They didn’t heed to his frantic pleas. They slapped him around some more. However, after pleading and explaining exhaustively for a long while, they finally relented and let him go, without any of his valuables. He had to beg them for the N200 he needed for transport back home.

This kito story is something y’all, my brothers, should be aware of. And I’m grateful for this forum – Kito Diaries – which has made it possible for us to share. Apparently, this ‘Verz’ is very notorious for gay extortions in his area, and snags his victims on Badoo. Again, his profile name is ‘Verz’, and below are a couple of his profile pictures, which Matthew identified as the real him.Pictures (2)

So take a good look, fellas, and be guided. Spread the word too. Let this be another face that poses a threat yet identified and known. Let us all contribute to making the gay world safer and a better place, one gist at a time.

Written by Nuel Anthony

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