“Hello… Hey, Gabby, what’s up… For real? Kelvin is coming into town? How long will he be here for? … Ok, no wahala… I am coming, I’m coming…”

And then I ended the call.

Now, Kelvin is my friend, Gabby’s boyfriend, who doesn’t often come around. I secretly have a crush on him, but it’s something I will never act on . . . well, unless he dumps Gabby tomorrow and decides to carry on with me. Kelvin and I enjoy each other company, and as such, he always wants me around whenever he comes to see his boyfriend.

It was then 2:45pm as I left my lodge and hurried over to Gabby’s house, which was in town, so that we could scout for a good hotel for Kelvin’s accommodation, and make a ‘to-do’ list. When I got to his place, he was still getting dressed and took his time to come get the door, and it wasn’t very long before we settled into our usual repartee.

“Bitch, what was keeping you?” I fired as I followed him inside.

“Don’t mind me joor. You know I have to douche very well,” he replied cheekily.

“Oh, slut central,” I jabbed.

He laughed and began pulling on a shirt that looked like it was sprayed on him.

I gasped in exaggerated disbelief, “Bitch, that shirt is too tight, your boobs are screaming SOS.”

“That’s the idea,” he retorted coyly.

When he was ready, we set out for the other side of town, where we checked out some hotels, before settling for one with a pool, a gym, and all those other facilities. It was around 7:00pm when Kelvin called. He called me. “You’re with Gabby, right?” When I replied in the affirmative, he said, “Ok, give me the address of the hotel.”

I did, and it wasn’t before we were together, gisting and catching up over drinks at the bar. It was late by the time we were done, and the couple charitably offered me accommodation for the night in Kelvin’s hotel room. Moments after shutting the door, Gabby was all over his man, and they got naked with amazing speed. They were both ravenous and unselfconscious, not minding my presence in the room. They were kissing and smooching, and then Kelvin was pounding way. And Kelvin has this chocolatey muscled body that turned me on bad. I was so high. Hard. Aroused. Horny. As I watched the live pornography.


Then my phone rang, and I went to the bathroom to take the call.

“Hello,” an unfamiliar voice said from the other end. “This is Jude. I got your number from manjam, and I’m in town right now.”

“Now?” I felt my heart quicken at the sound of the voice. It was deep, manly, that kinda voice that could give you an instant hard-on. “Uh, what’s your name on manjam?”

He told me, but I could only vaguely recall giving out my number to any such manjam profile.

So I asked, “What about your Facebook ID, can I have that?”

He gave me that, and I asked to hang up, before I quickly checked out the Facebook ID he gave me. Lordie! The guy I saw there was hawt! I called him back and we scheduled a meet for the next day.

I returned to the bedroom, which was now upside down. That Kelvin though, the guy can bang! From the bed to the floor, over the reading table, against the wall. As I watched them, I consoled myself with the thought that I would probably soon get the same erotic treatment from this Jude.

The next day couldn’t come soon enough for me. Honestly, it’d been awhile since my last fuck, and I impatiently waited for 11am, the time Jude and I had agreed on.

“My guy, this one you’re doing like this, what’s up?” Kelvin queried when he noticed my impatience.

“Omo guy, I need to change oil,” I bantered back at him. “Na as una wan kill me for night nah.”

As Kelvin chuckled, Gabby clapped his hands and sang out, “Ashawo!”

“Abeg go and rest,” I retorted.

Half past ten, and I was already out of the hotel room. I called to inform Jude that I was on my way. He said okay, and gave me the address of our rendezvous. I was to go to him.

That was my first mistake.

I located the address he gave to me. It was another hotel, and that was partly why I felt okay with going to see him. The other part was because I was horny as hell. When I was at the gate of the hotel, I called him again. He asked me to come into the reception. I went in. when I got to the reception and was waved over to a corner by a young guy I saw seated, I saw him and I swallowed hard. He was that cute. But of course, I had to keep my cool. We chatted for a few moments, and then he was like, “Nice phone, can I see?”

I handed my phone to him. When he had it in his grasp, he smiled sinisterly, and just then, another guy joined us. The newcomer looked belligerent, and said with a snarl at Jude, “Jude, na the idiot be this?”

“Yes, na the fool,” Jude replied.

I was astounded by the sudden new development. I watched, shocked, as the newcomer turned to me and snarled, “So na you dey disturb my brother, dey threating am say if him no sleep with you, you go deal with am! So na you be the homo, ehn!”

My Adam’s apple bobbed frantically as I stared, still speechless. The words I tried to speak in response came out in a breathless stutter.

“Abi na lie,” Jude added, “make we carry you go see the boy way give you allegation!”

In that moment, the moment when I made my second mistake, I blurted out, “Yes, let’s go and see him…!” I could not understand this rubbish these guys were talking about, and I was anxious to sort the mess out. I didn’t doubt their accusation, and I wanted to meet this dude who had the nerve to allege that I would threaten him for sex. This was a lie, and not one I wanted to let go. The more I thought about it, the more my shock gave way to indignation.

We left the hotel and took a bus to the supposed place, which was in the rural part of town. When we got to a relatively lonely place, they told the driver that we would be alighting. We got down and the driver steered his bus on.

And the next moment after he had driven off, a deafening slap cracked across my face. I reeled, stunned afresh.

“Comon move!” one of them roared. “Homo like you!”

I was shoved toward the nearby bush, and then blindfolded, and ordered to keep moving, and to follow the sound of their voices. I tried to do as ordered, but I kept on stumbling on the uneven ground, and each time, they would slap me around, viciously, and laugh at their cruelty.

My heart was pounding and I felt misery surge inside me as I realized that I had fallen, quite neatly, into a gay bashing trap.

After a while, we got to what I later got to see was an uncompleted building. There, I heard two other raucous voices, before the blindfold came off and I was able to set my eyes on the four young men who proceeded to thoroughly beat me up.

I was stripped of my clothes, before they descended on me, using their fists and whips to pummel and lash out at me. The ones with whips focused on flogging the skin off my ass, sniggering, “Abi na nyash you wan come fuck! Idiot, oya start to fuck ground! Homo…!”

They pushed to the ground, and commanded me to fuck it. Terrified out of my wits, I mimed the thrusting motion, a gesture that made them delirious with mocking laughter. I felt so humiliated, and I was bleeding and scared.

After what seemed like an eternity of the assault, Jude asked, “Oya, how much do you have to bail yourself?”

They asked for 60k and gave me a mandate to bring it before 6:00pm the next day. I agreed. Then they proceeded to go about a fetish-looking routine, during which they said I’d die if I didn’t return with the money. Again, I agreed. Inwardly, I laughed a sardonic laughter. I may have been foolish enough to let them bring me here. But I was not that stupid to buy into the fetish nonsense they were trying to scare me with. All I wanted was to get out of this alive.

And I did. They eventually led me out of the bush, and let me go, with more admonitions about returning with the money. I fled, bloodied, without my phone and what little money I had on me, with my clothes hanging loose on my battered body. I fled and never returned.

Written by Auskabil

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