I live in the ancient city of Benin. And this is my kito…or rather, near–kito story. It occurred (or almost occurred) right after my Post–UTME exams. I am sure a good number of us can remember passing through this period. It’s a time when it feels like you’re in limbo. You’re out of secondary school but not yet in the University, and it’s frequently a time of intense boredom which can reach a stifling intensity. It can last for several months, or even years if you’re so unlucky.

Anyway, I was on the verge of losing my mind due to boredom – Benin isn’t the most fun place to be – and so, I decided to spice things up a bit and create some fun and diversion for myself. I didn’t own a Blackberry then, and thus, didn’t have access to BBM. So I logged on to my 2go account and found a thriving gay chat room which was full of eager and available guys.

Idleness, boredom and youth are a very potent mix which can drive extremely reckless acts. Before I knew it, I was regularly inviting guys to my house for a good old shag. You don’t wanna know half of the things I got up to during this period! Even I am shocked when I think back on my sexcapades and antics during those days.

One morning, I logged into my 2go account. This had become my regular routine; login, find a shag or several shags, coordinate and control them online and over the phone till they got to my doorstep. And then we would proceed to fuck our brains out, get dressed, say goodbye, and move on to the next! And so, on this day, I went online to look at the gaybourhood and see what new merchandise was in stock for Her Majesty’s pleasure. A few minutes later, I struck gold! I saw this cute, sexy guy who was not only in my city, but was quite close to where I lived. My spirits soared. Ah, today was going to be another good shagday!

I immediately engaged him in a conversation and revealed very quickly that I had the hots for him. I sent him a few of my pictures to quicken the pace and ramp things up a bit. He seemed interested and soon we got talking about all the dirty erotic things we hoped to be doing together very soon.

As we made plans, my busybody of a cousin suddenly showed up on a visit. I boiled inwardly with anger and cursed him in my heart despite my outward show of joviality. Anyway, it was clear that he wasn’t leaving anytime soon, so I decided that if my shag couldn’t come to me, then by all I means, I was going to go to him! I hit up Mr Gorgeous and told him of the annoying turn in events, and it was decided that I should come over to the University (of Benin) where he would meet me and take me to his place. I dashed into the shower to get myself clean and ready for my date. I paid ‘special attention’ to those ‘special areas’ that we sistas like to get ready for action. Having made sure I looked appealing and enticing, I got dressed, told my parents a vague tale about going to school to check my results and left the house rather early. I was – and still am – a staunch believer in the motto: “Never be late for a good shag!” My stomach twirled and flipped with butterflies as I anticipated a day of fun and thrills.

Shortly afterwards, I arrived at the University campus and made my way to the agreed rendezvous point, envisioning in my mind all the slutty things I would do to that hottie. The thought of having such a hot piece of man-flesh in my arms heightened my anticipation to unbearable levels.

However, inexplicably so, as the agreed time drew near, I felt a sudden dampening of my spirits, a sudden cold chill creeping up my spine and I fell into the grip of an unexplainable feeling of dread. For the first time, I began having some doubts about the imminent date.

But there was really no reason to entertain this hesitation. And I wasn’t about to let any sixth sense or small voice of caution rain on my parade. So I hastily ignored the feeling of dread and instead focused on creating several naughty and nasty things I intended to do to this gorgeous hottie when we were finally behind closed doors and free of every last stitch of clothing.

However, my lust-filled thoughts took a turn for another kind of heated emotion when the agreed meeting time came and passed. Minutes rolled into an hour. And I was still there, unattended to. There was no sign of my date. And I was at this time extremely irritated. To think that I had taken so much trouble to look good and left the house very early! I was sure that all this spent sitting and waiting in the open had ruined and smudged my makeup (Lol… just kidding o). I soon started boiling with rage as the second hour started ticking by. WTF did this guy think he was? I fumed. I mean, there had been other options on 2go, but I had chosen him seeing as he was the hottest, and now this! I tried calling his number but my calls went unanswered several times. All this added to my anger and frustration, and eventually, I decided to leave.

As I got up and made to walk away from my spot, my phone rang. I pulled it out, half-hoping that it was Mr Sexy, and that he would be full of apologies and perhaps have a very good reason for wasting my time. I still had faint hopes that our shag session might still happen after all.

It wasn’t his number that I saw on my screen, it was a number I didn’t recognize. I answered the phone, trying to hide my anger and irritation just in case it was another potential date on the line. (Lol, I was that horny)

But the monologue I proceeded to hear on the other line doused my horniness like a splash of cold water on burning embers of a charcoal stove. The caller told me that I was surrounded by “his guys” who had planned to close in on me and give me the beating of my life, leaving me with scars I would carry for a very long time to come. He continued with: “We looked at your small frame and fragile looks and one of us begged on your behalf, we therefore took pity on you and decided to let you go.” He told me that this should be my first and last warning from him, that I should go for “deliverance” and never, ever try “this” again. He added ominously that they had taken pictures of me from various angles and that they had their eyes on me; that if they ever got any indication that I was still doing “this nonsense”, they would come for me.

And then he hung up abruptly.

I suddenly felt naked and vulnerable despite being on a busy campus surrounded by crowds of students rushing about their daily activities. Shivering uncontrollably, I looked around me in terror, but could find no one who looked like he was watching me. I immediately started on a fast trek, racing away from the University Campus as fast as my legs could carry me. On my way home, I silently gave thanks and praises to God for sending my cousin over to visit. I regretted having ever been angry at his unannounced visit, for if he had not showed up, I most likely would have invited my ‘date’ over to the house. I shuddered to think of how ugly the situation would have turned had he showed up at my house with his gang. I felt like I had just dodged a bullet which had been aimed directly at me.

I still look back on that day and tremble inwardly, as well as thank God that it didn’t turn out worse. I have also learnt the need for extreme caution when hooking up with guys online. It is indeed a dangerous game, fraught with risk.

Your sixth sense which gives rise to that small voice of caution in your head is there for a good reason, please always listen to it.

Written by Iluvmua

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