So reportedly, blogger NaijaSingleGirl made the revelation, and now, other sites are touting these pearls of wisdom as surefire ways to know a gay guy when you see one. According to her, any guy guilty of at least five of the following is definitely gay. Y’all with strong gaydar, do tell us, is she on-point?

And the signs are:

1) He owns an umbrella

2) He showers with hot water

3) He covers with a duvet when sleeping alone

4) His bathing soap costs more than N150

5) He wears a pouch on his phone.

6) He applies Vaseline/lip gloss on lips during Harmattan

7) He applies white powder on his armpits

8) He changes his BBM dp more than thrice a month

9) He owns a selfie stick

10) He drinks Fanta

11) He wears pants rather than boxers

12) He uses a photo/selfie of him as his phone or laptop wallpaper

13) He sips drinks with straw

14) He chews gum for more than 10 minutes

15) He uses Snapchat filters

16) He runs when crossing the road

17) He applies body cream

18) He wears a nose ring

19) He places one leg on a stool/bed when applying body cream

20) He takes selfies with other guys

21) He has Camera360 app on his phone

22) He ties his sponge on his waist after bathing

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