#HowIResist Campaign 7

#HowIResist Campaign 7

Do not believe the lies: your neighbour’s sexuality remains none of your business and will never affect you if you do not want it to. Claims to the contrary are simply baseless. The argument against homosexuality is not about the so-called African values but about social and political power. It is a distraction from the failures of some leaders in their countries. Instead of developing economies, they expend all their energy on policing what consenting adults do in their bedrooms and pretending heteronormativity is a defeat of neo-imperialism. The only defeat of imperialism we need is economic success and the subsequent eradication of poverty. What happens between sane adults in bedrooms we will never enter should be none of our business.



I resist by being myself, by not letting anyone make me feel shame for being who I am. I resist by not being afraid because fear is the power they have over you, to bend you and to break you.

I resist by saying it whenever and however I can to anyone, that it’s okay to love who you love. – IBK



I came out to my family at the age of 19, and since then, despite the horrors of being an unapologetic gay man in this anti gay clime, I’ve resisted by living my truth as boldly as I can every single day, by educating and overturning homophobia in everyone I come across, and by living strictly by my rule of nonconformity.

I wake up every day determined to always be the red splash on a blank white canvas. – Kainene



I resist by refusing to succumb to the societal pressure of marrying someone of the opposite sex. I shall live my truth and do what makes me happy, as the society won’t come to my rescue during my sad and depressing times in an unhappy marriage. – Garrison



I resist by learning not to give a damn about people’s opinions. I’m literally not affected by the homophobia of this country. – Iliana



Over the years, I’ve come to realize that when I give people 100% access, they seem to find a way to influence my life decisions and I’m done having any of that. So I act detached, angry and snobbish to the extent that everyone keeps their silly opinions to themselves out of fear of what I may say or do.

I resist by being so determinedly self-preservative, that contrary opinions looking to influence my life and peace of mind stay away. – Francis

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