Ever the stirrer of shit on Twitter, Jake Bass (left in pic above) just recently started a scuffle with newly retired porn star Tommy Defendi (right in pic) over that GoFundMe campaign he launched the other day to help him get his DJ career off the ground.

Defendi announced his retirement from the porn industry after the last Grabby awards, and subsequently, wants to go into music.

Everyone’s familiar by now with the trend of adult performers reaching out to Twitter followers to give them money, whether it be for Lasik surgery, new furniture, paying off some debt, or in the case of Levi Michaels, traveling to South America to shoot some kind of video series.

The latest was Tommy Defendi, only this time it seems like he’s basically asking fans to help him retire — i.e. after paying to watch him fuck on camera for years, he wants you to pay to not watch him fuck on camera anymore.tommy1

So, of course, another porn star, Jake Bass takes a dig at him. And the twitfight below is what ensued.tommy-jake-1tommy-jake-8tommy-jake-9tommy-jake-10tommy-jake-11tommy-jake-12tommy-jake-13

And just a couple years ago, these two actually had sex, and Tommy actually bottomed for Jake and they appeared to like each other. How things have changed.


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