Porn Star Jarec Wentworth Arrested For Felony Extortion In Undercover FBI Sting

Porn Star Jarec Wentworth Arrested For Felony Extortion In Undercover FBI Sting

The stereotype that pretty people are dumb is as insensitive as it is untrue. In this case, however, it seems to hold some weight.

Jarec Wentworth aka Teofil Brank of Sean Cody and has been arrested by undercover FBI agents for reportedly extorting a wealthy victim by threatening to make public the victim’s embarrassing “sexual liaisons.”

Brank was put under surveillance after he successfully blackmailed the unnamed wealthy gentleman out of some $500,000 in cash and an Audi R8 valued at $180,000.

But after he (very greedily) demanded another million and a condo, the man went to the FBI for help. They set up a sting at a Los Angeles Starbucks, and on March 4th, arrested Brank. Inside Brank’s car at the time of arrest was a loaded .357 Magnum revolver with additional ammunition.

According to Str8UpGayPorn who broke the news, Brank was denied bail due to flight risk and remains in the custody of U.S. Marshals until his arraignment on March 26th, when official charges will be filed. They also note that his recent roles in gay porn have found him playing a detective and listening in on other people’s thoughts, for what it’s worth.

Brank made several threats via text message (again, not the best idea), which were included in the FBI affidavit, some of which read:

‘I do have a twitter and your photos. Lies can be made or Maybe it’s the truth.’

‘Check my twitter, the conversation will grown [sic] and questions will be asked. You lied to me and treated me like shit. I asked again and you put it behind you. Now it’s biting your ass.’

‘I want a new car, motorcycle, and both hands full of cash.’

‘I want a condo here in LA. Bachelor pad. You have a taste I like. 2 bed Max. Perfer [sic] one. I want 300,000 cash. You can and will. I want this ASAP like yesterday. So you can be at peace.’

If convicted, Brank faces up to 15 years in prison, and perhaps more due to the loaded gun.

If it’s in Nigeria, that wealthy man is in for a lifetime of extortion. what law enforcement agency has time to put together a sting to help a gay man? Mff!

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  1. . Pete
    March 26, 05:31 Reply

    If it’s in Nigeria, that wealthy man is in for a lifetime of extortion. what law enforcement agency has time to put together a sting to help a gay man? Mff!

    You know this statement is not technically can handle the blackmailer if you know what to do.

    • pinkpanthertb
      March 26, 05:40 Reply

      I was referring to the assistance one can get from law enforcement.

      • . Pete
        March 26, 06:08 Reply

        Yea,even from law enforcement agencies

      • Dennis Macaulay
        March 26, 06:46 Reply

        Pete can argue eh! No law enforcement agency in Nigeria will help you IN OFFICIAL CAPACITY! Except you have some insider help who will sort if out for you unofficially! If not you are OYO

    • Teflondon
      March 26, 10:46 Reply

      @Pete I agree 100% with your statements.. But you should have added if you have the ‘Resources’

      If You have the Resouces.. Even the Law Agencies will be at your beck and call.

    • Gad
      March 26, 17:23 Reply

      Pete, I greet you. You have consistently proved that you are not one to jump on any bandwagon that rears it’s head

  2. A-non
    March 26, 05:43 Reply

    Who be the guy?

    Pinky, Deola and Max…oya, make una come use us wey no sabi these porn stars shine.

    *keeps standing on the stool with both arms lifted up as the designer concludes fittings for my latest Lastma vest*

    • Max
      March 26, 06:17 Reply

      I have no idea who he is.

      • Dennis Macaulay
        March 26, 06:42 Reply

        ***shocked expression***

        Max you dont know him? Deola ma boo oya do tell

      • A-non
        March 26, 06:49 Reply

        @Max, are you serious???

        Then there is yet hope for me.

        Uncle Deola, oya naa…shoot!

  3. A-non
    March 26, 05:46 Reply

    But wait o!

    If you are in this KD and you don’t mind having this porn star locked up with you in jail for three months raise up your hand.

    Don’t be shy!

  4. Max
    March 26, 06:16 Reply

    If its in Nigeria, the wealthy man would’ve done something more severe.. Or could’ve easily given in to the blackmail.
    The guy is greedy sha.. I thought the porn industry was highly lucrative? $2000 per shoot? For just few minutes.. And they shoot like weekly.
    What can I say, he’s a pretty asshole.

  5. trystham
    March 26, 06:20 Reply

    Oh well. I always like the bright side to these things. He is gonna get into jail and be ‘chairman’ there. All the free arses he can get when they ‘pick up the soap’

    • pinkpanthertb
      March 26, 06:22 Reply

      Or the free ass he will give when he picks up the soap. 🙂

  6. Mercury
    March 26, 06:25 Reply

    Uhhhhhh, prison huh!!!!!!, some Oz shii is about to go down.

  7. olima
    March 26, 06:31 Reply

    I have no reservations wen it come to blackmailing a gay dude. If u hv d mind to blackmail one of my folks, u go miss #NoGraveNoCorpseFound.
    Guys, let’s learn to give dem back wat dey deserve. May seem like I’m advocating for violence. Well, try poking a hornet’s nest even if it’s for fun n let’s see if u live to smile.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      March 26, 06:45 Reply

      Olima I like you! You are deliciously dark! You know bodies tied to concrete and thrown over third mainland bridge are never seen? Just saying

      • olima
        March 26, 06:53 Reply

        DM, never ever found! And good news is dat d torment will continue in hell.
        I’m still waiting for a friend to cry out.

  8. Mitch
    March 26, 06:42 Reply

    ****puts on pink and gold LASTMA jacket****

    Who is he abeg?

    The wealthy guy, had he been Nigerian, would have ended up a pauper in 2 years as no law enforcement agency in Naija would come to his aid.

  9. simba
    March 26, 06:58 Reply

    If de man na 9ja… he wouldn’t have parted even de 500k and de audi car.. especially if na igbo man.. he will strike u b4 u can scream.. personally I ll rather use tht 500k to kill and disseminate de body.. with all these forests and wells around..nobody will see or perceive decaying body.. infact my dog can eat half of the body, de rest will easily be dumped somewhere.. 500k, na lie ooo.. u ll rather die than taste it

    • olima
      March 26, 07:10 Reply

      We need to establish a hit squad guy! I love d idea of feeding dem to dogs.
      How abt we hv a crocodile ranch for d same purpose? Feed d idiots to d crocs. Clean business!

  10. Sinnex
    March 26, 07:35 Reply

    Don’t know who he is…

    I hope he gets the maximum sentence. Stuffs like this annoys me…

    • Teflondon
      March 26, 08:33 Reply

      Some one is still reeling from the story he told.. It would seem? Lol

      • sinnex
        March 26, 08:42 Reply

        lol…I don’t know what you are talking about…

        When are we going on the date?

        As long as you are paying, then I don’t mind…

      • Teflondon
        March 26, 10:42 Reply

        Soon sinnex soon! I assure you… I’ll get you Email from PP.

  11. Teflondon
    March 26, 08:44 Reply

    ‘I want a condo here in LA. Bachelor pad. You have a taste I like. 2 bed Max. Perfer [sic] one. I want 300,000 cash. You can and will. I want this ASAP like YESTERDAY. So you can be at peace.’

    Like yesterday? Loool statement got me laughing like a buffoon.

    He is such bitch! I hope he is not claiming str8 Cuz he is definitely not.

    Just like blondes ‘Most’ drop dead gorgeous guys are dumb tbh **i have no apologies for this** I’ve met a thousand.

    No police or security agency in this our “Beloved” country will ever help a common man in a situation like this… However I cannot totally disregard the length to which our police can go if they have something to gain in any situation.. They can even help cover up a glaring murder case if the prices are right. This police people do many dirty things for the rich and wealthy of this nation.. If you know your way as a rich man in this country there is nothing you can’t do.

    • sinnex
      March 26, 09:20 Reply

      Someone would soon come here and start accusing you of faulty generalization…

  12. Vhar.
    March 26, 09:50 Reply

    Its a lie!
    The Listener 1,2,3 just came out this month.
    Jarec fall me hand o. Big time.
    Oh well, I fall my hand too.

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