Jason Collins Plans To Retire, Says There Are Closeted Players In Every Sport

Jason Collins Plans To Retire, Says There Are Closeted Players In Every Sport

JasonCollinsIt has been 18 exhilarating months since I came out in Sports Illustrated as the first openly gay man in one of the four major professional team sports. And it has been nine months since I signed with the Nets and became the first openly gay male athlete to appear in a game in one of those leagues. It feels wonderful to have been part of these milestones for sports and for gay rights, and to have been embraced by the public, the coaches, the players, the league and history.

On Wednesday at the Barclays Center, I plan to announce my retirement as an NBA player. …

… There are still no publicly gay players in the NFL, NHL or major league baseball. Believe me: They exist. Every pro sport has them. I know some of them personally. When we get to the point where a gay pro athlete is no longer forced to live in fear that he’ll be shunned by teammates or outed by tabloids, when we get to the point where he plays while his significant other waits in the family room, when we get to the point where he’s not compelled to hide his true self and is able to live an authentic life, then coming out won’t be such a big deal. But we’re not there yet.”

— Jason Collins announcing his retirement in a column he wrote for Sports Illustrated

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  1. Max
    November 21, 06:30 Reply

    Universal problem honey, universal problem…

  2. Dennis Macauley
    November 21, 07:20 Reply

    This guy is an Okay player, he is not a great player! I have said it before!

    I have actually watched his games with friends who don’t agree with me.

    He broke a glass ceiling and I am proud of him, but he is not exactly a great player!

  3. AC/DC
    November 21, 08:53 Reply

    Mr man if you want to retire pls do so!!!!!
    You are an average player at best.
    Oh you thought as you came out of the closet, rose petals would be strewn on your path abi???
    Just like that ugly frank ocean that wrote that corny letter when he came out; extremely overrated.
    That one’s voice sets my teeth on edge.
    Now I can listen to George Michael and Elton John all day.

    • Dennis Macauley
      November 21, 09:10 Reply

      Sweetheart you know we already have one obsessive, narcissist!

      That spot is taken already! Two will be an overkill


  4. AC/DC
    November 21, 09:46 Reply

    That’s rich coming from you.
    “Hello kettle my name is pot”.
    Shut your mouth and leave my comment alone.
    Filthy idiot.
    Mr Top my gigantic ass.
    Not everyone is wired to be a saccharine sentimental twit.

    • Dennis Macauley
      November 21, 11:13 Reply

      Sweetheart insinuating that I am a bottom as an insult is really done in poor taste because it will mean that you think that being a bottom is demeaning and is a bad thing.

      Bottoms grant us access to their “inner sanctuaries” and they should be respected. A bottom surrenders the essence of his masculinity to another man, but it doesn’t make him less than the other man.

      So calling me a bottom as insult would mean that I think that being a bottom is a bad thing and that I am somewhat a higher species!

      Take a chill pill hun! It will help your blood pressure!

      • Brian Collins
        November 21, 12:31 Reply

        Mrs M can i pls borrow DM for a night of some loving. Don’t worry i won’t scratch him much.
        This comment was just beautiful.

      • Khaleesi
        November 21, 16:16 Reply

        Dennis Macaulay, the darling i shall probably never ever get to hold!! Please tell that upstart bitch, its internalized homophobia and heteronormative dysfunction that’s her major problem … smh .. AC/DC or whatever Chizzie wannabe, abeg your attempts at nastiness are pathetic, it wont fly, so please go and take several seats in the stadium …

  5. Max
    November 21, 17:10 Reply

    Nekwanu all shades of different color today oh.. Some people woke up on the wrong side of bed today…hian.. Smh

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