There was this guy that had been bugging me for sex for years, Dotun, and I had been turning him down every time. I just didn’t see it happening. We met on Facebook. He was attractive alright, a model even. But I found him rather slow upstairs. I am a stickler for wit and intelligent conversations, so I felt he’d have nothing to offer.

I graduated from the University and moved back to Calabar. He was still on my case, with hope that I’d move to Lagos and give him a good fucking. I laughed at his delusion. We still hadn’t met.

I was posted to Taraba for my NYSC. I started the service there, but my parents would have none of it. They had me moved without my consent to Lagos. Dotun was happy. He begged to meet me and I kept posting him.

A year and a half afterwards, I’d secured a job and moved to my own apartment. His persistence wore me the hell out, and so I invited him over. We talked, or rather, he talked and I listened. I was bored, but I did find him immensely attractive. Night had fallen, and there was no light. The room was hot, so I told him to take his clothes off. He did so; I could tell he was a little shy, which i found odd, because as a model, shouldn’t taking clothes off at the drop of a hat be part of the job description? His clothes came off, and he laid back on the bed and we were silent for about three minutes. The longest three minutes ever.

Then I asked him if he wanted me. He said yes, a slow, throaty yes. Then I started talking about cockroaches, how much my house was infested with them. He freaked out and started putting his clothes on. I rushed in like a panther and yanked his white briefs off his hands and held him still. His heart thumped heavily, and we were silent again.

He made to kiss me, but I evaded that and went in for his neck, biting it slowly, nibbling at his ears, and running my hands down his body. He has the smoothest skin I have ever felt. His body is the most toned, most beautiful body I have ever touched. My lips trailed down to his nipple and I sucked lightly on it, and he moaned, arching his body into the smooch as he laid back on the bed.

Gosh, he had the best responses. He writhed about, moaning, gasping and clutching at my back, nearly crying as I sucked his nipples more and more. Soon I was down on his dick, teasing it with my tongue and taking it into my mouth ever-so slowly. Bit by bit. At this point, he was becoming erratic with the pleasure; I had to hold his hands down tight to prevent his decapitation of my body with his roaming, grasping hands on my head.

At this point, he was begging me to let him touch me and kiss me, and suck my dick. But I wasn’t having any of that. When I was satisfied that he was hot and bothered, I turned him over, sheathed myself, and slid into him.

That was the sweetest sliding-into I had ever experienced. I laid on him and held him while I loved him slowly and passionately, and then faster and violently. He was beside himself with pleasure. I touched his face and tears were streaming down his eyes.

And I stopped, alarmed. “Am I hurting you?”

“No, no, please don’t stop…” he choked out. “Your dick is so good. I didn’t know you would be as good as this. Please…fuck me…”

I didn’t need to hear that twice. I was back at it, without any inhibitions this time. He seemed to like being held while being loved. So I held him and kissed the back of his neck whilst I pummeled him…lovingly. He was moaning so loudly I was afraid the neighbours would hear. As I approached my climax, he was panting in a near-scream, “Fuck me like your Bitch! Please fuck me!”

Boy, was I turned on!

I pummeled harder and came with an explosion, amidst deep groans and heavy breathing. We lay there, still connected at the hips for a minute. Then the lights came back on, and the whirr of the fan drew us apart and into the bathroom to clean up.

“Wow,” he breathed out. “You fucked me better than my boyfriend ever has.”

Hold up! What?!

Written by Chuks Bass

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