“I Think Masculinity Is Fragile.” Keiynan Lonsdale urges men to embrace femininity in inspiring post

“I Think Masculinity Is Fragile.” Keiynan Lonsdale urges men to embrace femininity in inspiring post

Keiynan Lonsdale just posted an important message about men needing to embrace their femininity.

The Love, Simon actor took to the social media to post a photo of himself with the long quote.

He said in the caption: ‘I think man is one of the most fearful, scared, and insecure creatures that have ever existed, and that’s because of the pressure each and every single boy has had placed on them about what it means to be a man.

‘They’ve been told that it means to be straight, strong, to not cry, not show emotions, to take the woman, and have power, control, and money – then these boys that are full of love and innocence are being told that they are wrong; “You’re wrong for feeling that, you need to be tougher, you need to be a man, you’re too slow, you’re too weak, you’re too dumb”.

‘So we begin to resent every part of us that doesn’t fit into this picture that we’ve been shown – and we bury it and hurt ourselves over it and lash out.

‘If a hyper-masculine dude sees a guy that’s more feminine and in touch with his emotions being just as successful and strong as him, he is confused because he was told that in order to be a man, you have to be a certain way. And he is seeing that not always being the case, which means that has been lied to, and that’s the hardest thing to swallow.

‘I think masculinity is fragile – extremely fragile, but it’s because of poisonous conditioning that has been placed in each boy from the beginning of film, television and society in general. In turn, that creates this imbalance of power and equality against a feminine energy within ourselves and women. My personal belief is that a lot of the pain in the world has come from that. But it is changing, and that’s inspiring.

‘It has a lot to do with girls too, because for a man to feel safe to be vulnerable and for a woman to say: “I love your vulnerability, I love your femininity, I see the strength in your emotion” – that gives them the confidence to simply be themselves, and I think we’re seeing it more and more in this new generation and just in general.

‘People want people to be honest and that’s true strength. I have a lot of hope.’

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  1. Bhawscity
    October 21, 05:19 Reply

    Okay this guy is energetic in his campaign, but I’m having this feeling his agent will talk to him soon. Hollywood is still not that “woke”. It’s still being ram by old white male.

  2. Apart from masculinity being fragile, it is also toxic. It destroys heterosexual men, it turns them into a vessel of pent-up anger and frustration, which consumes them, it makes them violent and unreasonable, fearful and irrational, it is this unattainable existential crisis, that tears them up from within, leaving them a remnant of regret, after crisis after crisis. One thing gay men learn from a very early age, is self reliance, of course that makes us competitive towards eachother, as a survival mechanism, and distrustful of other people’s intents, but the difference between toxic masculinity and fragility, and the emotional self reliance of the average homosexual, is that at the end of the day, the heterosexual man is running through and away from life, whilst the gay man wants to live, wants to survive, wants to constant rise above limitations, and will do it with every limited resource, or opportunity at his disposal.

    • Yazz Soltana
      October 22, 20:57 Reply

      Well said ,
      Even the females in the patriarchal society have been raised to love the toxic masculinity so therefore hate the effeminate man or the transgender woman..
      Because they see it as reducing your birthright to the supposed low-class level of her own gender as she has been conditioned to believe..

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