So another Kito alert story broke earlier this week here on Kito Diaries. As usual KDians came out, handbags swinging and with pitchforks to gut the alleged perpetrator – and rightly so too. Whenever Kito is involved, I’m all for rooting out the Gorgon, severing crucial parts of the Neanderthal’s reproductive organs, dragging him behind a truck at 60km/h along a hot tarred road and then cutting off his head.

However I felt this story was one-sided. Because of the way it was presented, it felt like the KDian involved and Edidiong Sandy were having a jolly conversation prior to what was presented. Somewhere in the conversation, one of them yarned rubbish and things were said. It could easily have been an angry threat by one gay person to another taken out of context, but when presented in a certain way, could cause an online furore.

I felt the Edidiong fellow needed to have his day in court before being hung, drawn and quartered. And if indeed this guy is a kito-er, it would be interesting to know what motivates him to mete such evil on gay men. To understand his thought process. And perhaps established whether there is a correlation between him being vertically challenged and pure evil.

So in the spirit of avoiding “the danger of a single Story” and furthering fairness by pursuing “a balanced report” (In short, Gbeborun…plus it was Sunday, business was slow), I dusted off my Christian Louboutins, threw my black silk Persian shawl over my head, summoned my inner Christiane Amanpour and sent a Facebook friend request to Edidiong Sandy, to get his version of the events.

The following screenshots show the conversation:IMG-20160906-WA004IMG-20160906-WA005IMG-20160906-WA006IMG-20160906-WA008IMG-20160906-WA009IMG-20160906-WA010IMG-20160906-WA011

Oh well, there goes my Pulitzer Prize. I will stick to my day (or night) job.

Note to self: Don’t wear heels in pursuit of the truth. Trainers are better when it comes to avoiding trailer jam.

Written by Keredim

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