Kito Alert: The “Come to the Bar” Invitation You Should Never Accept

Kito Alert: The “Come to the Bar” Invitation You Should Never Accept

So to create an illusion of trust, Lagos kitoers have moved their game from “Come to my house, my brother will pick you at the junction” to “Come to so-and-so bar”, you know, so you’ll be lured over by the public place-ness of the potential meet.

And just before you say no because you feel you can’t afford a hangout in a bar, they’ll add that they will take care of the tab.

So there you go. A public meet. A treat you don’t have to pay for. All you have to do is drag your gay ass over.

Someone in Okokomaiko buzzed me a few days ago on Grindr. The moment we got past the preliminaries, he texted: “I’m in Okokomaiko. Come let’s see. We can meet at a bar. I can host.” I stopped reading at “Okokomaiko”, typed back “Kito scum” and blocked him.

Then hours later, someone sent me these screenshots of his own convo.

I have heard that in Onitsha, of one incident where the guy agreed to one such bar meet and went to the “public place” to meet the Grindr hookup. Only the place wasn’t so public. A pre-arrangement with the owner of the bar had the bar empty, so that when the gay guy walked in, he effectively walked into a trap that was as convenient as going to the kito house.

Another story I’ve heard about this public place kito happened in Ojo. This joint had people in it. It was “safe”. Until a uniformed man posing as a soldier who was tracking his “nephew” (the kito guy our victim went to see). And so, the soldier was able to intimidate the gay guy to surrender his phone and money, even though they were in a public place.

So I’m reiterating. It doesn’t matter that the place is public. For Lagosians, all those red zone areas should always stay hookup-free to you! Whether they tell you to come to a house, a supermarket or a bar for the meet, as long as this person stays in, say, Ojo, STAY AWAY!

Be advised, people. And stay safe.

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  1. J
    October 26, 08:27 Reply

    Beat his unemployed ass? Oh goodness, I felt bad for the poor cow 😂😂😂 This a special kind of bullying ooo! I feel most of these people are just miserable and trying to fight for God, they feel as if heaven will rejoice when they Kito gay people.

  2. Tristan
    October 26, 09:09 Reply

    I preferred meeting in public places as I thought it was safer. With this alarming rate of kitostories, I don’t even know what’s safer anymore. Its got so worse that even the so called non-kito territories are no longer trustworthy. How do we meet living with the fear of being kitoed? This is so sad😐😐😐

  3. frosh
    October 26, 09:16 Reply

    This guy is always active on grindr. He sent me a message on wednesday with his photo, i just ignored him because i wasn’t interested. So he is a setup 😱😵😵

  4. Bee
    October 26, 16:24 Reply

    No where in lagos is safe anymore..

  5. Eclectic
    November 05, 19:58 Reply

    A friend of mine was setup same way in one of these hot zones. Although I live in same zone, I don’t hookup with anybody there even if you look like Morris chestnut. I was surprised he fell for the trap of visiting anyone in that area bcos they said let’s meet at a bar. They were so stupid and broke to the extent of taking his Jean trousers.

  6. Maya
    November 17, 22:39 Reply

    Nowhere is Safe… Even the places you feel that are Safe isn’t safe anymore… A friend of mine who had something to do with a Guy… They’ve being enjoying themselves for 2/3 years…
    One fateful day, this Dude invited my Friend over and as usual my Friend goes with his IPhone 6 and MacBook to this Guy’s house but this time… he left it at his Sister’s Shop with his Important stuffs and went over to the Dude’s place with his torchlight phone…
    This Dude Set Him Up… They’ve being doing things… but the Dude set him up with the Excuse that he was looking for money…

    It’s so devastating… We just have to be Careful Everyone… Extremely Careful…

  7. Seventh Unicorn
    December 20, 14:38 Reply

    Somehow I think the real and honest homosexuals among us have contributed so much to making ‘Kitoing’ seem like a viable biz for these criminals, walahi. It’s high time we started using our brains and stop letting randiness/horniness run the affairs of our lives. I hope that some of us who have been through these terrifying so called hookups, will learn and put the experience(s) into use by telling our stories and keep cautioning our loved ones.
    TRUST ME, LEAVING GRINDR WAS SO FAR THE BEST PART OF THESE YEAR(2018) FOR ME; I’ve never been this happy and free within. ☺️

  8. Bob
    February 05, 14:32 Reply

    That picture is the photo of a victim. I know him very well. He’s not a setup dude. Please!!! The people are using his photos.

  9. Kvng1862
    February 24, 13:45 Reply

    Pls guys i think its best if we hook up with people who are from a reliable source like ur friend’s friend, ur friend who is sure of another gay guy and so on. We don’t have to go online and search for hookups, its not worth the risk. Am sure when we stick to formal friends that are from a reliable source, these idiots will run out of business. That’s what i do and so far,i ave escaped so many kito traps unknowingly and had successful hook ups.
    When i look at some of these pics on kito diaries, i can see some familiar faces and i thank God i didn’t fall for them back then cos i had no idea of kito diaries or kitos. Thank you

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