I have always believed that the worst kind of human being is the gay person who targets other gay people to make them victims of this hostile Nigerian gay clime. It was recently brought to my attention that there’s a TWITTER ACCOUNT going by the handle @fags_teen (Twitter name: Teen fags) who updates on his timeline nude/semi nude photos of gay guys he has had interactions with.twit

He accompanies some of these posts with the caption: “We meet on Facebook, I ask for your nudes on WhatsApp, you send and I upload on Twitter. DEAL WITH IT. #GayNigeria”

Some of these photos have the faces of the owners on them. I don’t mean to dump on these victims, but seriously, why would anyone send out nude pictures of himself that has his face attached to it. Whatever happened to just dick pics or ass photos? There are all sorts of wicked people online, driven by motives we sometimes cannot fathom.

If you are on twitter, join those of us who already know about this guy in reporting his account so that Twitter will shut it down.

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