So this very dangerous character operates on both Badoo and Grindr. On his Badoo profile, he goes by the name ‘Christopher’ (Check HERE), and on Grindr, he frequently changes his name. His M.O. for luring unsuspecting gay guys varies. On Badoo, he spins a tale of how he owns “a supermarket, wine shop, mini mart and is also a contractor, a supermarket that is apparently located at Ojo, by Iyano School Bus Stop Area.” (Stale move, right?)

Well, on Grindr, he got creative. Very creative. His story is that he is a victim of a kito incidence, an experience that exposed him to his wife and had her packing out of their marriage, leaving him with their kids. The intention here apparently is to lure his intended victim into believing that he is “one of us”, and feel empathy enough that you let your guard down and go over to his place to meet him.

The pictures immediately below are of a middle-aged man, but after some digging, and following the testimonies of his victims, it turns out the pictures aren’t of him. They are fake.Pictures

This evil character is not in fact in his middle aged, but a young thug who employs the services of his friends to waylay his victims, beat them and extort valuables from them. His number is 08069670439, he lives in Iyana Oba (but may change locations with varying victims), his name is Michael Oparah (check him out on Facebook HERE), and his pictures, his real pictures, are what you see below:IMG-20161221-WA009IMG-20161221-WA011IMG-20161221-WA010IMG-20161221-WA012IMG-20161221-WA007

He has nabbed many victims with such a convincing story as that “kito story”. So please, if you read this and you know a friend who does internet hookups but hasn’t seen this, pass this information along.

And let’s all remain safe out there.

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