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People often say that coming to Lagos can be a life-changing experience. This proved very true for me after I was posted to Lagos for my NYSC. I’d finished from

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Every Day Is For The Thief

I met this guy through Grindr. He told me his name was Maro. We met up with the intention of hooking up. We went to a spot in Dutse, Sokale

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Kito Stories 45 Comments

BEWARE! David Gold D is apparently still flourishing as a kito guy

A kito alert was done of him here on Kito Diaries (check HERE). But over some months now, I’ve been getting emails of victims seeking to expose him over recent

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  1. NaijaTgal
    May 12, 11:23 Reply

    I still stand by my comments on twitter. The community must get organised against these miscreants. If not, kito incidents will multiply this year.

    Soon, they will start breaking into the homes of suspected LGBTI people and ruining them…don’t get comfortable in your tiny bubble.

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