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Coming From America: A Kito Story

This is the kind of experience that you realize should’ve never happened when you’re in hindsight, recounting the story. He sent me a friend request on Facebook as Frank Sandra,

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Kito Stories 46 Comments


There are some days, no matter how comfortable you’ve gotten in your closet, no matter how many extra locks you’ve installed on the sturdy mahogany doors, the devil would just

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The Unintentional Kito Story

It was a few weeks to the end of the second semester. Everyone and everything was in a frenzy of activity. Everything was on fire brigade mode; from students rushing

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  1. NaijaTgal
    May 12, 11:23 Reply

    I still stand by my comments on twitter. The community must get organised against these miscreants. If not, kito incidents will multiply this year.

    Soon, they will start breaking into the homes of suspected LGBTI people and ruining them…don’t get comfortable in your tiny bubble.

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