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Kito Alert: A Word To The Wise III

Regarding dating sites and the people we meet online, there is more information that recently came to my attention. Apparently, these kito experiences no longer just happen when you go

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Previously on We Are Here… * I met Boos and narrated everything that happened the previous night to her. Her reaction was legendary. She was furious. She took out her phone,

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A Grindr Conversation

If it smells like a pig, chances are it probably is a pig. Due to the nationwide understanding that kito is bad, KDians have taken to flooding the Kito Diaries

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  1. NaijaTgal
    May 12, 11:23 Reply

    I still stand by my comments on twitter. The community must get organised against these miscreants. If not, kito incidents will multiply this year.

    Soon, they will start breaking into the homes of suspected LGBTI people and ruining them…don’t get comfortable in your tiny bubble.

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