I’m looking for an apartment in Yaba or Surulere axis of Lagos, you know, any of those mainland places that are in close proximity with the island. I’m looking majorly for a self-contained apartment, so if you are an estate agent or know someone who is, or there happens to be a vacant place in your block, I’d very much appreciate it if you can assist.

I’m also looking into the option of sharing a flat. So if you are a in the working class unit with a spare room in your apartment within the aforementioned areas and you’re willing to share, please don’t hesitate to send Pink Panther a mail.

Now, a little something about me: I’m not quite the Lagosian. I’ve not even lived in this city for a year yet, and so, what that means is that I don’t quite have the energy and the conspicuous ‘swaga’ of your average Lagos dude. I can appear to be cold at a first contact, but I like to think I’m not bad company.

I work from 8 to 8, Monday to Friday, so I don’t have much time on my hands. However, I’m looking for more interesting ways to spend my weekends. I’m interested in joining a book club and perhaps some occasional weekend volunteering thingy.

So, if you have a flat to share or you know about the right accommodation, kindly reach out. I’m looking at something between 200k and 300k at the very highest.



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