Kito Diaries Public Announcement IV

Kito Diaries Public Announcement IV

I’m looking for an apartment in Yaba or Surulere axis of Lagos, you know, any of those mainland places that are in close proximity with the island. I’m looking majorly for a self-contained apartment, so if you are an estate agent or know someone who is, or there happens to be a vacant place in your block, I’d very much appreciate it if you can assist.

I’m also looking into the option of sharing a flat. So if you are a in the working class unit with a spare room in your apartment within the aforementioned areas and you’re willing to share, please don’t hesitate to send Pink Panther a mail.

Now, a little something about me: I’m not quite the Lagosian. I’ve not even lived in this city for a year yet, and so, what that means is that I don’t quite have the energy and the conspicuous ‘swaga’ of your average Lagos dude. I can appear to be cold at a first contact, but I like to think I’m not bad company.

I work from 8 to 8, Monday to Friday, so I don’t have much time on my hands. However, I’m looking for more interesting ways to spend my weekends. I’m interested in joining a book club and perhaps some occasional weekend volunteering thingy.

So, if you have a flat to share or you know about the right accommodation, kindly reach out. I’m looking at something between 200k and 300k at the very highest.



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  1. Dennis Macaulay
    August 26, 06:04 Reply

    Sorry but what does “Working class unit” mean?


    • Mandy
      August 26, 07:51 Reply

      Someone who’s employed.
      Dennis, don’t be looking to start something o. It’s obvious this guy took his time to carefully word this ad.

    • Mitch
      August 26, 08:10 Reply

      Ndi ocho okwu gang! You has arrive abi?

    • KingBey
      August 28, 00:16 Reply

      So this means we Traders cannot help out. Issorait. *moves my wares to Oshodi*

  2. Truth
    August 26, 07:05 Reply

    Contact @Handle. Your budget is a little low though, I think a friend must’ve mentioned you a while ago.

    August 26, 07:30 Reply

    Work 8 to 8 every week day? Chimo! I hope they pay in millions or at least you love the job…

  4. Mandy
    August 26, 07:53 Reply

    Like Truth said, you should probably reach out to Handle. He requested for a roommate that fit bits of your characteristics awhile ago.

  5. Dennis Macaulay
    August 26, 08:34 Reply

    I always flirt with the idea of subletting a room in my flat, it does get very quiet sometimes.

    Just that my OCD will not let me be great and I will end up murdering the person in his sleep at night because he rearranged my bookshelf ???

  6. Nuel
    August 26, 09:26 Reply

    Well I got a room nd palour for rent but its actually around shomolu area nd its been placed around 300k excluding d agent fees

  7. Delle
    August 26, 09:27 Reply

    This is how to put up a house advert!

    Beht wait o, 8 to 8? Can u be in a relationship with such stringent schedule? Oh church!

  8. 'Diii Okpara
    September 24, 16:24 Reply

    hi @ lawal, have you gotten something yet? if you could consider ikeja, do ask pink panther for my contact. Cheers

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