Kito Directory (2): A Rundown Of The Dangerous Faces So Far Exposed

Kito Directory (2): A Rundown Of The Dangerous Faces So Far Exposed

In acquiescence with several requests from the KDian community, we came to a decision to, every once in a while, run a post that compiles the identities of the faces so far exposed as people we should stay away from. Kito scum we must absolutely have no business going to see for a hookup. Some of these faces of course are not the real faces of the people perpetuating the crimes, and most of them are.

We have compiled a previous directory (CLICK HERE), and this will be a continuation of the faces exposed since then.

So, a compilation of the faces who threaten the life, property and security of the Nigerian LGBT community:

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  1. Adroit
    December 03, 09:51 Reply

    I have been reading KD from the first week it debuted. It became a habit right from my undergrad days in Naija, through NYSC and I’m super excited to have reconnected with it, after a long exodus. In my time here, I’ve learned a lot, from people of different mindsets, and still shocked that these kito things still happen! It is quite sad…

    Shout out to Dennis Macaulay (you shouldn’t have ended your series. It was awesome despite criticism), Chizzy hope you have calmed down with breathing flames (your skin is peng btw!), Delle you have a beautiful mind👍Keep doing you. Sinnex longest time nna. You definitely will not remember me, but we were really very very close at a time, a long time ago, more like confidants. Meanwhile, hope Keredim still drops in + runs his “hot looking men blog” ✊… that doc up north howfar u (sokoto or kaduna?).. How about Thrystam? King-not sure of the full moniker (but there was a melt down over an Abuja orgy caught on camera)… The podcast guy that had a clash with PP… Colossus… the handsome Muslim guy with a family in the military…. (I knew him on IG thanks to his comments on instablog, but can’t remember his moniker on here).

    I feel a certain connection and respect for the beautiful thoughts you all shared using this platform and I’m super excited as I type remembering all the amazing conversations, tea and interesting arguments 😂. Above all knowledge was acquired.💪

    I must say well done PP you are doing an awesome job! E hugs bro!!! You are breaking barriers… One day the world will have your name engraved on a befitting pedestal.

    I’ve introduced so many folks to kito dairies and in all honesty it made me mature especially when I was in the woods about my person….

    Maybe one day, in due time I will be able to tell my truth on these pages.

    • Pink Panther
      December 03, 19:47 Reply

      Welcome back, Adroit. You’re really an old soul member of the KD community. It’s so startling to see the people you’re giving a shout-out to. Thanks for being a part of this community.

      • trystham
        December 04, 07:12 Reply

        Gods! Now I feel I should have retired😢😢

    • Delle
      December 04, 10:53 Reply

      You made this day a little brighter. Thanks for reaching out.

      So much love here ❤

  2. Leon
    December 03, 12:25 Reply

    GOD will help us as we also try to help ourselves,pinky I can’t thank you enough… instincts are the best to go by so far, principle is also a key value if not for the principle I have been with so far I would have been long gone to some of these wretched out to be more careful…. just sad one can’t possibly fathom the genuinty of any hookup again…I guess being single and lone does it for now!

  3. No means NO
    December 03, 14:53 Reply

    So I’ve seen this and the previous part, honestly wouldn’t meet any of these guys let alone sleep with them. I don’t know the guys that are desperate enough to. I guess one mans meat……

  4. Uchenna
    December 03, 18:42 Reply

    Can we have a whatsapp group for KD? most of us do not have the privilege of sending pictures of potential dates to friends. A group will not only Make it easier, but also serve as a gaybourhood sort of. Maybe we can start hooking up within ourselves and even find love without these apps. Entry will be really really strict.

      • Wonda Buoy
        December 03, 22:23 Reply

        Please stop giving it any thought. That’s how it’ll become another kind of Grindr.

      • Lanree
        December 04, 03:40 Reply

        Please give a quick thought…fast fast

  5. Posh666
    December 03, 21:11 Reply

    Hi Adroit nice to have you back…I’m the Muslim guy and major fan of instablog and tnx for the compliment.Hope life is treating you well?

    • Wonda Buoy
      December 03, 22:25 Reply

      Welcome back. Your typing has improved too. (Save for that tnx there). Great!

  6. James
    December 10, 06:40 Reply

    Yeah pls give it a thought.

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